Rebooting Baby Boomers, Curation Gets Real in L&D, 8 Social Selling Blunders: Your Friday Briefing


Bon Friday, Pink Posse! Bad news: we are all getting older. Good news: retirement is closer. Badder news: That’s a challenge for keeping knowledge alive in your business. Here’s what to do about that, and some tips on curating for learning and social selling for everyone…

retirementThe Silver Tsunami: How Learning and HR Should Deal When Boomers Bounce Out

While HR often focuses on how win the talent war for millennials, there’s a bigger problem: 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day in the US. There’s a tidal wave of retirement coming, and a lot of knowledge about to glide out the door. What can you do about it?

Useful insights from SHRM on dealing with knowledge drain from baby boomers: Encourage some to stay. Get them involved in Mentoring. Capture their knowledge. And invest in continuous learning for everyone…



surveySurvey: What L&D Are Saying and Doing about Content Curation

One way of helping audiences of any age to stay up to speed is to find, filter and share relevant content with them. That’s content curation, and a new L&D survey on content curation from Learning Cafe this week shows that it’s very much on L&D’s radar: 81% of organisations have a curation strategy, and 71% see it as a critical skill for L&D. If you’re not on the learning curation train, make this your first stop…


slip-up-709045_960_7206 Content Curation Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them

So you’ve gone to all that trouble to curate quality content for your audience. Don’t trip over yourself now..useful set of curation pitfalls from Marketo here. Don’t forget to add your comments, share regularly (but not too much), have a high quality threshold, and don’t make it all about you and your fabulous product. Easy when you know how…


1000Your Content Marketing Budget is $1000. How Would You Spend It?

A lot of content marketing effort is wasted – usually because there’s no clear objectives and it’s not grounded in research. So to focus the mind, TopRank Blog set a challenge this week – if you only had $1000 for content marketing, how would you spend it? Useful way to think well inside a smaller box (That much, we hear some of you cry…)


social sellingSocial Selling: 8 Ways to Go Wrong

Your budget for social selling may be even smaller than $1000. But there’s still plenty of scope to waste it, if you don’t approach it right. Business to Community share 8 mistakes to avoid in social selling. Even though their list is focused on smaller businesses, they’re relevant for everyone. We like Number 8 – You neglect the other people in the room. It’s not just about appealing to your target buyer. 7 people are involved in most B2B buying decisions. You have to influence them too, and the people who influence them. Don’t go too narrow.
A bonus mistake to avoid: Trying to curate content for social selling or learning manually. You don’t have the time. Let us do it for you – try our curation tool for free. So you still have your $1000 budget left for something else…