GTA Drives Learning, AI Powers HR, UGC Helps Your Brand: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Pink Posse. Do you like to play games? Great news this week. They make you smarter. But do take a break from FIFA 18 for a minute and play with our handpicked playlist for you this week…


skillsDigital Talent: What Do We Even Mean?

“We should develop our digital talent and skills” is a common battle cry of many CEOs, CLOs and their legion. But what do we really mean by digital skills, where do we need to develop talent, and what’s the best way to do that? BCG dives deep into the answers this week.  The answer may not be in Silicon Valley or in Full Time employees. You might need to rethink talent to find the best.


robot-507811_1280HR and AI – How’s this Going to Work?

The H in HR stands for Human, last time we checked. But can AI change what humans are for in this function? Forbes compiled a list of ways that AI could change HR: removing bias, getting better data with predictive analytics, and reducing paperwork (much to every human’s horror). Interesting read if you’re looking to bring some automation to your HR team.


FAHow Financial Advisors Can Save Time with Content Curation

Good to see some industry specific tips for social selling. We liked this focus on tips for financial advisors looking to build their business through curation and social selling. Don’t try to write your way to a better pipeline, spread the wealth through content curation. Lots of valuable insights here for any sector – if you want to be regarded as an expert, you need to consume content and learn something new every day.


ugcUser Generated Content: How your Fans can Help your Brand

You can say all you want about your brand, but what really matters is what your audience say. 93% of people say that User Generated Content helps to inform their choices. How to encourage and support video reviews, positive mentions, and other forms of user generated content? Useful tips here from Content Marketing Institute. And bear in mind that once you invite UCG, you can’t control it. So be ready to live or die by the sword (or hashtag).


downloadScience Shows Gamers Learn Better

Lots of digital learning has a gaming element to it. But is this just a little bit of glitz or does gaming help learning? Science says (well, Science Daily says) it’s good news for gamers. In a control group, people who play action-based video games do “better in analysing a situation quickly, to generate new knowledge and to categorise facts — especially in situations with high uncertainties.” We always knew that GTA is Good for you. Thank you science for playing along. Now we don’t have to run you over.


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