Bruce Springsteen on Being a Boss, Collaborate don’t Compete, Social Selling Tips: Your Friday Briefing


Ahoy Pink Posse. Do you like to rock? And also, do you like leadership insights? That would be a dreadful start to any concert, but it’s a good lead in to this week’s curated round-up. Find out what Bruuuce can tell you about being a boss, and why curation matters for learning and social selling. For those about to curate, we salute you…

bruceLeadership Lessons From The Original Boss

He’s the Boss(™). He was Born To Run. So maybe it’s time to take that literally – what can Bruce Springsteen tell us about leadership? Turns out a lot, if you look through the right lens (of an INSEAD professor writing in Harvard Business Review). Leadership is art, self-reflection, clarity of purpose, and serving at the will of your audience. Tramps like us, baby we were born to learn (lead, sell etc etc)…


clutterWhy Content Curation Matters for Learning

Renovating your house, renovating your corporate learning: there’s a lot in common. It’s all about removing the clutter (think legacy courses that nobody looks at any more) and bringing in what’s vibrant and fresh (yep, content curation). Kristine Sables from Performance Development Group draws a good analogy and makes the case for using content curation for learning well in her post this week.


healthy-person-woman-sportSales Professionals: Be Less Competitive (Seriously)

Sales is about winning, beating the competition, even if it’s your own team. That’s been the prevailing logic since someone came up with the quota. But is it good for you and your team? Research suggests that collaboration is a better long term approach. Here’s a sales pro explaining why he’s dialled down his competitive streak in favour of collaboration. Interesting way to approach sales – probably better for your clients, colleagues and your heart.


trophy3 Ways to Do Better with Social Selling

90% of top performing Sales Professionals use social selling according to LinkedIn. If you want to be in the top tier of them (not in a competitive way, of course, see above), GetBase shared 3 ways to dominate social selling this week. Treat your prospects like heroes  – pay attention to what they’re doing. Use Analytics – pay attention to what they’re sharing and engaging with. Provide context – go beyond just sharing a link and add your personal insights. Good practical tips for anyone who wants to get ahead on social selling


mirrorMirror, Mirror: Am I Well? Smart Mirrors That Tell You When You’re Sick

Take a good long look at yourself. Like what you see? And so you should (laying it on too thick, we know). But could a mirror tell you more than what meets the eye? ICX hope to make it so. They’re working on AI that will let your mirror do a full body scan, predict health risks, check your pulse and tell you how you’re really doing. Read more about your true reflection in the mirror of the future in MIT Tech Review. As The Boss would say, you might want to change more than your clothes, your hair, your face..


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