5 Hour Rule for Learning, 10 Tips For Curation and Social Selling, How to Be Happy: Your Friday Briefing


Happy nearly Halloween, Pink Freaks! All treats no tricks in our curated candybag this week as we share how to stay smart, sell socially, and have a happier more productive life. Which may or may not have anything to do with candy consumption.


5hoursThe 5 Hour a Week Rule For Learning

We talk a lot in learning, HR, sales and marketing teams about the value of continuous, lifelong learning. We all get the idea: your skills are an asset, but they depreciate in value, more rapidly now than ever as jobs and skills change. Knowledge is the new money. How how do you grow that asset? There are tools, there are courses, but there’s also just plain hard graft. Michael Simmons wrote a great piece this week which throws down a marker: If you’re not spending 5 hours a week learning, you’re being irresponsible – to yourself, your career, those who rely on you. If that sounds like a big investment, try not learning and see what that costs…

social learningWhat Has Social Learning Got to Do with Staying Smart?

One way of keeping up with change and continuously learning is to tap into communities and learn from others. That’s what social learning means. But there’s a lot of mystery attached to what that really means in practice. Julian Stodd is one of the clearest thinkings on social learning – we liked his piece this week on explaining why social learning matters and what to do about it.

1010 Tips That Will Make You a Better Social Seller Through Content Curation

Sales Professionals – you’re not exempt from the 5 hour rule. Salespeople need to be learning animals – keeping pace with new trends in their industries, their clients, and sales best practices. They need to do it for themselves of course, but also for their clients who expect them to be experts and consultants who sare valuable insights. That of course is what social selling is all about. Finding the insights and sharing them with your clients is why content curation matters for social sellers. Here’s a blog (guest posted by us, in full disclosure) from Matthew Royse with 10 tips on how to curate content for social selling.


carrotMotivating Social Sellers: Carrot or Stick?

Talking about social selling is all very nice – but how do you motivate sales teams to put it into action? Tim Hughes is an expert on making social selling happen for teams. This week he shared some insights on ways and means to motivate sales teams to try social selling. Hint: sales professionals (and we include ourselves here) will find a way around anything that seems a chore and not relevant to hitting targets. That’s your starting point.


ikagaiWhy Are You Working? The Answer is Ikigai…

Why Learn, Why Sell, Why Work at all? Not to pull you onto the zen mountain but it’s worth stopping and thinking why you’re doing what you’re doing. The Japanese have a concept to pull it into focus: It’s called Ikigai, translated (very roughly) as “reason for living”. It looks at the intersection of what you’re good at, what the world needs, what you’re passionate about, and what you can get paid for.  The closer those things line up, the happier you’ll be. Good one to cut out and stick on the wall. Now stop philosophizing and get back to work…happily.


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