The Future of Work, Chatbots for HR and Learning, Kickstarting Social Selling: Your Friday Briefing

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Greetings Pink Posse! The future is coming. You’re ready, we know – but in case you have colleagues not as brilliant as you, here are some curated tips on getting ready for future skills and getting your learning house in order – with chatbots, of course. It is the future after all.


futureworkWhy You Need To Build Your 2020 Workforce Today

You’ve already seen many variants on this statement: the skills that will be critical to your firm’s success in 2020 are not ones that you’re selecting for and developing in your people today. So what are you going to do about it? Harvard Business Review this week shares some practical steps for rebooting your approach to talent and skills to stay ahead. Some great examples in here: Insurance companies need fewer actuaries and more data scientists.  John Deere is less about tractors and more about big data. And if those industries can change, we all have to…


bad teacherLearn to Earn? How Higher Ed and Schools are Failing The Future of Work

So how is learning and education changing to help people adapt for changes in the workplace? Not well, and not fast enough. That’s the view at McKinsey in this round up on education and learning. In short: Higher Ed and Universities are not equipping people for the future of work. The old currency of degrees and qualifications has less value in the gig economy. Facebook doesn’t care what you learned in college. What matters is what you can do now and how you’ll continue to develop. For gig economy workers, that means being a lifelong learner to keep on earning.


chatbotYou Talking to Me? Chatbots and SlackBots for HR and Learning

If only HR and Learning teams had more time to deal with future skills and fixing learning. But people keep on asking them questions…Well, there’s a bot for that. Several in fact. Nice article from SHRM on how chat bots and intelligent agents can help with HR, from transactional issues for employees, personalised coaching and pre-empting flight risks for key talent. SAP SuccessFactors have already integrated with Slack to help answer HR and learning questions without ever touching the LMS. Which for most people sounds will sound appealing.


socialHow Enterprises are Using Social Selling – And How Your Team Can Get Started

B2B buyers are on social media. 80% of them use social media when making buying decisions. Ok – so what to do about it? How you conduct yourself on social as a sales professional makes a huge difference. Hello, social selling – Nice introduction to social selling and how to get your team started on social selling by Matt Goldman here.


collection7 Tips for Better Content Curation

Social selling is about adding value for buyers. If you can bring great content to their attention, that’s part of doing it right  – and that’s part of content curation. Here are 7 tips for doing a better job on content curation from SIO Digital. They recommend using tools to help streamline and provide inspiration, crediting your sources and making sure you build a habit of curating at least 2-3 times a week. No arguments from us on that…


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