Sticking it to your CEO, Blowing up HR, Building your Social Selling Habit: Your Friday Briefing


All aboard the curation express Pink Posse! This week we stopped in at Learning Live in London to talk curation for learning, and Content Marketing World in Cleveland. Great to see you there. And if we didn’t, shame on us. Here’s a round-up of some of some of the topics we talked about…


ceoHello CEO: What Are You Doing About Lifelong Learning?

We can talk all day (and often do) about the importance of continuous learning to stay relevant, employable and drive business results. But is your CEO listening? In an open letter to CEOs this week, a Harvard Business School Professor and a Learning Engineer from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative lay out a challenge to business leaders on lifelong learning: You say your people are your most valuable asset. But are you really investing in their continuous learning when winter (aka machines replacing humans) is coming? There are three things humans can do that machines (currently) can’t: collaborate, emphasise, and make sense of ideas.  That’s where you need to invest.


jeanneAnd Hello HR: You Need to Blow it Up and Rebuild

While we’re calling out functions: HR, you’re next. It was great to hear and meet Jeanne Meister at Learning Live this week. Her message was clear: You need to break HR and rebuild it if you want to help workers of all ages to get what they need to flourish. The number one factor for millennials in choosing employers is the quality of learning and development (pay is third). Is your Learning Brand attracting them? A good primer to her thinking in this Training Zone interview.


routineSocial Selling: It’s an Every Day Thing

Ideas are nice. Tools are good. But habits are hard. Jamie Shanks of Sales for Life puts that well in his post this week on how to create a daily habit for social selling. You have to put emails and inbound distractions to one side and protect the time. His routine might work for you, or you might need to make your own. But do make time for it. Nobody’s forcing you – which is why you have to make it happen.


diallingDialling vs Sharing: What Really Works for Buyers?

The more calls you make, the more deals you close. Is the maths really that simple? LinkedIn (ok, maybe biased) argue that you’re better off putting time into researching your prospects, finding useful insights to share with them, and personalising it. 64 percent of B2B decision makers won’t engage with a salesperson if the communication isn’t personalized. So next time you reach for the phone, reach for a shareable insight first.


book cover 200How To Curate Content For Social Selling: Our Free Book

Yes, we should be curating other people’s content in this round up -. But we kind of did in our new book. It’s all about social selling and content curation: why it matters, why it’s not really that complicated, and how to find, filter and share content to engage your network and build you brand. 160 pages. But there are a lot of pictures, so you’ll get time to do other stuff this weekend. Get it for free here.


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