Learning Tech Low Satisfaction, Content Smackdown from WWE, 23 Reasons to Curate: Your Friday Briefing

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It’s Friday, Pink Posse. And that means it’s time to talk about wrestling. Stay with us. WWE can teach you more than your next move in the workplace social smackdown. This week we look at how WWE bosses the ring in content marketing, why Learning Technology needs to work on its customer satisfaction scores, and what curation and social selling mean (and don’t). Round 1 of your Friday night curation bout starts here…

mickLearning Technologies: Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

If a product had an average consumer rating of 3 out of 5, you’d be right not to rush into buying it  However, that seems to be score for Learning Management Systems, according to new research from Bersin. 74% of organisations have one. Most don’t think much of theirs, or a lot of their other learning technology. So why do most of it not land well with buyers and end users? Poor learner experience and lack of integration with other systems are the top reasons. But this new research also points to problems with the selection process itself. Read this review of the trouble with Learning Tech before you go back into the market for your next learning technology…


wweWWE Content Smackdown: Why Wrestling Content is More Shared than Game of Thrones

From Learning Management Systems to Wrestling. Don’t say we can’t segue. Whether you’re a fan of Pro Wrestling or not, don’t ignore the content marketing story in the data: WWE content gets on average 17 times more shares than Game of Thrones, and way more than NFL or any other sport. So what are they doing? Susan Moeller (that fearsome content wrestler from our sister company Buzzsumo) throws WWE content into the ring to share the secrets that make it the boss of sports content on social media.


downloadWhat Social Selling Is, and What it isn’t

We talk about social selling a lot, we know. It’s just as important to talk about what social selling is not: a replacement for talking to people, about tools, about getting likes and shares, or a cure all for your sales woes. The team at social experts have put together a useful list of what social selling is and what it isn’t here.


bar-chart-297122_960_720Where does Social Selling Work? Industry Breakdown

If we can agree on what social selling is / isn’t, then where does it make the most impact? LinkedIn shared a useful breakdown of the sectors where social selling is working best. Granted, their research is all about their own tool, Sales Navigator – but it’s a useful indicator, with over half of the 14 industries surveyed seeing more than 50% of their revenue being “influenced” by Sales Navigator. Conclusion: you should probably try it..


robin good23 Benefits of Content Curation

Content curation is a key part of social selling. But while we are on what things are and are not: Content curation is not a cure-all for sales and marketing, nor is it easy (though there are tools and routines that can help to save time in finding and filtering content worth curating). It takes time to do it right. So what’s really in it for you as the curator, and your audience? Robin Good shares 23 benefits of content curation in this great piece. Robin’s right – you have to work hard at curation, but the results are worth it.


Curation isn’t easy, but finding and filtering content gets a little easier when you use tools. That’s what we do. Have a play and see what you think. If you want you can use it to track what’s happening in WWE. Or, you may not want to do that. No judgement either way.