Habits for Leaders, Grit for Social Selling, Continuous Learning for Everyone: Your Friday Briefing


Chill in the air, Pink Posse. Winter is coming as someone said somewhere. Keep warm by working your fingers in a Friday fever as you track through this week’s glowing coals of curations on leadership, learning, new habits for social selling and good old grit.

lighthouseNew to Management? Send Signals And Create Habits

Everyone who manages and leads teams in sales, marketing, learning has a first day. In an article from Harvard Business Review this week, the importance of starting your management role right is highlighted. New managers need to send  clear signals about their values, display their emotional intelligence, and show their teams how they’ll deal with pressure and stress. Building habits and sticking with them is key to being an effective leader.  That, and being honest. But you knew that.

loopHow Continuous Learning Drives your Talent Strategy

As we’ve written before, great managers are great learners. But of course it doesn’t stop with them. The whole team needs to adopt a culture of continuous learning. Dean Lombardo sets out the case for continuous learning well in a recent blog post. While formal learning and courses will get you so far, the real test of talent is how well your team continues to learn, apply and develop over the long run. He argues that platforms like the LMS need to become hubs for continuous learning, not just repositories of yesterday’s content. We’re with you, Dean…

tdsmToo Late For Social Selling? Don’t Think So…

Regular readers will noticed we have a thing for social selling. If you’re thinking that it’s too late to start with it, Top Dog Social Media give you reasons to reconsider this week. They set out a nice simple set of steps for getting started with social selling: know your goal, start by listening, build your expertise, track the events that trigger a buying need, and track the metrics that show results.  Just get started, and stick with it. Speaking of that…

gritGrit: Have you Got it, Sales Pro?

Social Selling – and continuous learning – require Grit. It’s the word of the hour, with books, TED talks and probably boot camps on it. But what does grit mean in a sales context? It’s about setting goals, building up routines and habits, and persevering even if you’re not seeing results – and with social selling, it’s the long haul, not the quick win. Good take on what grit means for sales pros and how to get it from Hubspot here.

ABCMovie Break: 12 of the Best Sales Movies

Even the grittiest of go-getters need some downtime now and then. So why not leave the stresses of selling behind, by watching a movie about (um) sales? Here’s a nicely curated list of the 12 best sales movies of all time. As one of the Baldwins put it, Always be Closing. Of course, the original script of Glengarry Glen Ross read “Always be Curating”. So ahead of its time.. .

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