4 Things Great Leaders Do, 7 Tips for Curation, One Face for your iPhone: Your Friday Briefing


Ahoy Pink Posse! This week we’ve been curating content focused on the simple things in life: fixing leadership development, learning on the fly, and educating rather than spamming. Why deal with big problems when you can read on and sort these little matters out?


leadership-1959544_960_720Leadership Development: The 4 Things That Really Matter

As we’ve written before here, the $50bn leadership training industry doesn’t seem to be moving the needle in companies. Only 10% of CEOs think their leadership development initiatives are having an impact. Are the other 90% focusing on the wrong things? McKinsey’s new research suggests only four things really make a difference in leadership development. Enabling transfer of learning and helping leaders learn on the job is one of them…


football-560473_960_720Learning on the Fly: Adapting to the situation

Staying with that theme – learning on the job is easy to say but hard to do in practice. Other things tend to get in the way. But maybe it’s about thinking of learning less as fixed interventions and more about fitting with the workflow. But can technology anticipate what you need and serve it up to you? That’s what adaptive learning aims to deliver. Good take on how it works, and if it works in CLO Media this week.


spam-964521_960_720Social Selling: Are you Educating, or Spamming?

We are what we share. Is what you’re sharing on social helping prospects, or pushing them away? Useful analysis by Sales for Life this week on the types of content that engage buyers, and how to keep track of what’s working. What you share and when you share it makes a difference.


shells-2469280_960_7207 Simple Tips for Content Curation

Keeping it short and sweet, we also liked these simple 7 tips for good content curation here from Sales Hub: Make sure it’s relevant to your audience, focus on trustworthy sources, read before you share it, use tools to make it easier, and add your own value before you share. We can get with that.

iphone xFace it: Is the iPhone X Safe?

Finally, you’ve already seen the Face ID feature on the iPhone X. And you’ve seen the facepalm video when it didn’t work during the launch. Minor bugs (Apple they might say) aside, how good an idea is it to have your face as your security clearance? Wired explore the issues this week. You can always turn it off. And back on again. That fixes everything, right?


Curate the content you want on Anders Pink. Face recognition not activated in this release. But thanks for staring at us.