Modern Learning and Curation, Slack Social Selling, 100m Facebook Videos: Your Friday Briefing


Back to school, Pink Posse! Well, maybe we’re mainly out of it by now. But we never stop learning, so this week in curation class we’ve got insights on the future of corporate learning, what you find out when you analyse 100 million Facebook videos, and how to use Slack for Social Selling. And then maybe lunch. Heads up, watch the board…


jhBeyond Courses: What Modern Learning Should Look Like

If you’re in Learning and Development, you already know that the days of being an order taker and hitting every training request nail with a course-shaped hammer are over (and everyone’s grateful). So what’s next? According to Jane Hart, it’s reinventing yourself to be a Modern Learning Advisor. That means a much larger toolkit, and a different attitude to helping people to help themselves. As Jane says: “L&D can’t create everything everyone needs to do their jobs. As it is, individuals are already doing things for themselves and by-passing L&D, so it is time to make a virtue of this fact, and encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own continuous self-improvement and self-development.” Find out how to make good on this intention in her article on becoming a Modern Learning Advisor.


curate3 Reasons For Content Curation

One of the tools that Modern Learning Advisors should add to their kit is content curation. As should social sellers and content marketers, of course. There’s a nice round up this week from the good people at Contactually on why curation it helps you diversify your portfolio, and tips for how to do it right: learn about your audience, read before you share, share in the right place – common sense but so often overlooked.
Read their
guide on content curation here.


slacShould you Use Slack for Social Selling?

Social Selling with content curation usually focuses on LinkedIn as the main channel, along with Twitter and FaceBook. But are you overlooking the power of Slack to share relevant content with your target audiences? Slack has active communities and provides a way to be helpful (not push your product) in real time. Ideal for social sellers.  Great article here from Foundr Mag on Using Slack for Social Selling.


keyUsing Social Selling To Break Into Major Accounts

In any channel, Social Selling is not just for random prospecting (unless you like being random). To get a return on your effort, you should also be working your way into your biggest target accounts. Some great advice this week on doing just that from Craig Jamieson. It’s all about preparation, knowing what signals to look for, and acting quickly to build engagement – but being patient on seeing results. Here are Craig’s tips for using social selling to develop relationships in your key target accounts.


fbFacebook Video Engagement: Lessons from 100 Million Videos

The data doesn’t lie: Content Marketers, Curators and Social Sellers should be looking at Facebook video to get engagement. Videos are the Facebook format most likely to reach and engage audiences according to Locowise. But what kind of video works? Our sister company BuzzSumo just analysed 100 million Facebook videos to answer that. Think short videos, crisp intros, and Facebook Live. And if you can make it fun, that’s going to help too…


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