Learning on the Job, Succeeding at Social Selling, Saving your Startup: Your Friday Briefing

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Good morrow Pink Posse. On the Friday agenda this week: How to Learn and do your job. How to socially sell and not muck it up. How to grow your business with content marketing and not go under. You may not know the answers to all of these in the next 5 minutes. But you might get a tiny bit closer…

onthejobHelping People Learn And Do Their Jobs At the Same time

If your idea of learning is plugging out everything that’s to do with work and doing on a course (real or virtual), well – you’re still in the majority. But modern workplaces are seeing learning as a more fluid experience: Learning is work, and work is learning. HBR reviewed the challenges and opportunities with giving employees more freedom to make choices and have more freedom around what and how they learn, while still actually getting stuff done. The key part is how you hire. Learnability is the new core skill for all roles. The seasoned pro or the newbie who’s hungry to learn everything? Yes, both, but if you have to choose…?


IBM5 Ways to Fail at Social Selling – and 3 Ways to Succeed from IBM

Regular readers will know we like to stay on top of social selling. We liked these insights from IBM’s Digital Sales Leader. If you’re tweeting, spraying, praying and losing hope, you are doing it wrong. 3 Words to make a difference in your social selling: Observe – Listen before you jump in. Deserve – prove your value in the conversation by making insightful contributions. Reserve – focus on the right buyers and on building relationships with them. They all have “Serve” in them. Which is probably just a coincidence. Oh no wait, we get it now.


CMIThe Future of Content Marketing: In Five Years We Will..

2022. Seems ages away. But so did 2017 in 2012, and you remember those crazy days, when nobody was really talking about content marketing, social selling, or Whats App. The Content Marketing Institute gives its crystal ball a workout this week and dares to lay down 25 predictions for content marketing in 2022. Among them: more voice, more big data, more AI. Actually be aligned to sales. Some of this stuff is just way out there…


unicornWhere did all the Startups Go?

The headlines might make you think that everyone’s on the unicorn express: $238 billion invested in startups in the US in the last 5 years, the number of Silicon Valley seed investments more than doubled 2007-2012. But underneath the AirBnb And Uber headlines, there’s a different story. Startups are on the decline. Fewer new businesses were started in 2013 than in 1980 in the US, even though population has grown substantially. Why? Wharton dig into that question in this article. It’s a lot to do with ambition, the struggle to scale, and what the bigger players are doing. Nice uplifting piece if you’re working on that business plan this weekend…


jamie20 Tips for Social Selling Mastery

Sales is at the core of any startup’s success. So here’s one post from us – we read and loved Jamie Shank’s book on social selling recently. Here’s 20 takeaways to make you a better social seller from his book. If you’re into social selling, you should check it out. (The book that is. And well yes the post too.)


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