Leaders as Learners, Free Training from Google, Social Selling Plan: Your Friday Briefing


Ahoy, Pink Posse! As you may have discerned by now, we love learning, curation and social selling. And, like a total eclipse of the sun (like those ever happen), our planets have aligned for your filtered pleasure this week. Our science correspondent adds: Don’t look directly into the heart of any article in case you permanently damage your eyes.


leadershipIs Leadership Development a Waste?

Leadership Development: It’s a $24bn industry. Some of us are in it. Does it work? No, and yes. Harvard Business Review suggests this week that a lot of formal training isn’t that effective. But there’s hope: Leaders are most effective when they’re learning. But the learning needs to be different: self-directed, experiential and in context. Find out why good leaders are good learners.


reworkFree Tools and Training for Managers: Thanks Google!

Staying doggedly on-topic: If you think Google does a good job coaching and supporting its managers, then you can use the same tools they do – for free. Google has opened up its manager development toolkit, including feedback survey forms, 1:1 meeting guides, and all of their new manager training content (which per the previous article may not work but hey, it’s free).  Someone is going to turn this into elearning. Act fast before Google does it…


socialsellingYour Social Selling Action Plan

One area where where sales managers and professionals definitely need to develop is in social selling. Only 1 in 4 sales professionals understand how to use social media for selling. Fortunately, the very good people at We Are Social have a plan to help you up their game. It’s all about building the right team across sales and marketing, having a content plan, and helping people to make it happen. Their full action plan is here. Nice work guys.


top10curation10 Content Curation Tools to Make You More Productive

Social Selling – and Learning – need curated content from external sources to keep yourself, your audience and your network smart. Easy to say, not so easy to find and filter all that content.  Creation Agency put together a list of the top 10 curation tools to make that easier. We’re delighted to be in such good company at number 2 on this list (and it’s just fine that our sister company BuzzSumo is number 1…)


solar-eclipse-1115920_960_720Why a Solar Eclipse Is Downright Weird

And finally – just because you don’t get to write about it except every couple of hundred years, and we can’t wait until next time: The eclipse this week. Yes, most of us won’t see it. But that doesn’t make it any less of a strange event. Wired this week takes you through the science and emotions of a total eclipse. Bonnie Tyler: we need you know, tonight. More than ever.


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