Stop Problem Solving, Stop Being Ignored by Prospects, Start Finding Diamonds in the Smog: Your Friday Briefing


Good day to you, Pink Posse. This week we’re here to solve your problems. By saying politely but firmly that you need to solve your own problems. If that circular argument raises any questions, upload a LinkedIn video or send us a QR code. Instructions below…


problemStop Problem Solving: Why Managers Need To Step Back

If you’re a manager in the middle of your handover notes before you hit the beach, read this one first. When it comes to solving problems, you’re not handing over enough. This article from HBR challenges the notion of the manager as the first point of escalation. The question you should be asking is “what’s the least I can do?” It’s not abdicating, it’s helping teams build confidence to solve problems for themselves. Let us know how it goes…


growthStart-Ups: Cheap to Start, Expensive To Scale

Starting a company? The first bit is cheaper than it’s ever been. With open source, AWS and App Stores for distribution it’s easy to get going. The hard part is growth and getting traction. Andrew Chen wrote a great article this week on why growing your startup is getting more expensive: labour costs, competition and capital are putting pressure on startups. Good luck out there, as he says…  


ignoreSales Pros: 3 Reasons Your Prospects Are Ignoring You

You’re trying to connect with prospects. But they’re not biting. There’s a reason. It’s not you. Well, it is you. Or rather, it’s your approach. Some good advice over on the Salesforce blog this week on 3 reasons why your invitations to connect, cold mails and and all the rest aren’t working. If you don’t have any context or you’re not adding value, don’t expect a call back. Fortunately, that’s easy to fix.


livLinkedIn: Now With Video, What Can you Do with it?

LinkedIn just had a crazy idea: What if we allow users to natively create video in their feed? You wonder where they get these notions. Now that LinkedIn native video is here (for select users, the rest of us will get it soon, they say) what can you do with it? Melonie Dorado has some good ideas for the savvy (and screen ready) social seller. Look forward to your LinkedIn feed getting a bit more busy. What about a LinkedIn Live? Should probably trademark that. That one’s on us, Reid…


diamondHow To Turn Smog Into Diamonds (No Really)

If “You can’t make diamonds out of smog” sounds like something from a personal effectiveness seminar, you’re right (and you’ve probably been to too many). It’s also inaccurate. Dutch artist  Daan Roosegaarde has developed a plan to rid Beijing of its nefarious smog, turning it into something a little more precious. All you need is 7 meter tower to suck it up, clean it at a particle level, and put the carbon in the smog under pressure for 30 minutes for a little bling you weren’t expecting. Cloud, silver, lining – we’ll delegate to you to distill the joke from these particles.


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