Rewiring our Brains, Rethinking Learning, Giving more than we Get: Your Friday Briefing


Hello again Pink Posse. Another Friday. Oh well. Sorry if we sound negative. Turns out it’s in our nature. But we’re rewiring ourselves to keep learning and give more than we get. At least until we can upgrade our brains. All of which is decoded for your pleasure below..


negativeAre We Hard Wired to Be Negative?

Our ancestors had good reason to be risk averse. The odds of getting eaten were much higher for them. Sure, they missed opportunities, but generally they were better off staying in the cave. New research suggests that negative bias is part of our survivor DNA. But now that the mammoths aren’t going to get us, can we do anything to take a more positive outlook? Turns out that looking to the future is a help.


learningHelping Employees Learn, Even if They’re Going to Leave

What’s the worth of an employee? It’s usually based on measuring their contribution to the company. But the company needs to give something back. It’s not just a salary. It’s helping people to develop, become more valuable in their career, whether they’re permanent or freelancers, and whether that career means staying put or moving on. Jacob Morgan looks at the changing relationship with the employee. As the old HR joke goes “What if we train people and they leave? Well, what if we don’t train them and they stay”?


conceirgeGive More than You Get, be an Content Concierge: Social Selling Insights

We turn to Koka Sexton quite a lot for social selling insights. In this recent article, he explains that all social selling really means is providing value. We like his definition of the social seller as an “information concierge”. You’re helping buyers to make the most educated decision, even if that decision doesn’t result in them buying anything from you. As any concierge knows “You need to add value that exceed whatever you’re asking for in return”.


fbThe Four Types of Person on Facebook

Social Selling often happens to Facebook. But you’ve got to be human, not a salesbot. As it happens, you’re going to be one of four types of person on FB, according to some recent research: A Relationship Builder, A Window Shopper, A Town Crier or A Selfie. If you haven’t already figured out your type, read these definitions. And be sure to share the results on Facebook, especially if you’re a…well you can guess which.


brainYou 2.0: A Chip For your Brain is Just 10 Years Away

If you’re still feeling negative (and not sure about your social selling and Facebook skills) worry not. Full reboot is less than a decade away. Great interview with Steven Levy on his research on how the brain will be augmented with technology. What he calls “self directed evolution” is underway, all we need is a nation-state to own it and invite its citizens to step forward. Anyone stepping forward? Apparently a few are..



Rewire your brain without any implants and get the latest content on any topic with Anders Pink. No surgery required. We’re working on the chip. Give us a decade.