Lifelong Learning, Being Better on LinkedIn, Smarter Cinema, So long iPod: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Pink Posse. In our weekly briefing on tech, learning and social selling this week, We’re reporting from the frontlines of the battle between humans and machines. Who can learn faster? Where should we invest more? And could someone make a movie out of this? Oh wait. Already happened. Thanks Arnie. Here’s the plot for the next one…


learningloopLifelong Learning Is Essential to Survive: So Why Don’t We Do More of it?

You’ve heard it in this blog before: to stay relevant and competitive as individuals, companies and economies, we have to invest in lifelong learning. The Economist called it the new economic imperative. So why don’t we invest more in it? The World Economic Forum released a great paper this week tackling that question. In this overview, they examine why governments and businesses struggle with making continuous learning a reality for employees and citizens: It’s hard to measure and own. The returns are long term and hard to measure, which election and quarterly results driven politicians and CEOs don’t like. It sits in learning and education budgets which aren’t usually the highest priorities and are rife with conservative thinking.  But if we don’t change this, the impact will be severe. If you’re in a learning role (and aren’t we all?), it’s a must read. And here’s the full paper if you’ve got time.


terminatorWhy is Now the Moment for Machine Learning?

If the investment in lifelong learning isn’t happening for humans, it certainly is for machines. Machine Learning has been around since the 50s, but three ingredients are combining to accelerate it at a dizzying pace. HBR looks at how big data, algorithms and hardware are combining to make machines smarter than us. If you want to keep up with them, and figure out how it make machine working work for you, their article series this week is a great primer.


brynne10 Tips for Better LinkedIn Social Selling

LinkedIn is for Learning too…and what you do on it to help others learn is what makes the difference as a social seller. Last week we mentioned that LinkedIn is (finally) adding native video to its feed. We liked this list from Vengreso’s Brynne Tillman – it encourages you to get back to LinkedIn basics before you get all clever with your video feed. She shares 10 tips for making you more appealing to prospects in your network. Brynne’s right – sharing valuable content is at the heart of being useful to your network. If they’re learning from you, that’s a vital step towards buying from you.


ipodGoodbye iPod: Shuffling off the Stage

Not all machines live and learn forever. What was once the hottest device on the planet was served notice this week: Apple is retiring the iPod nano and shuffle. That’s no bad thing – your phone does everything it did, and better. Wired’s reflection on the revolution started by the iPod is a nice swansong this week. Key point: No iPod, no subscription music services  – it bred a competitor to buying tracks via iTunes and unwittingly gave you Spotify. So pause for a moment to give your thanks to that shiny white brick you still have lingering in the attic somewhere.


facesDisney is Watching You: AI in your Cinema Screen

In ancient times, moviemakers ran focus groups and test audiences to gauge their reactions to a first cut and edit accordingly (that’s how E.T. ended up not dying at the end). But that my friends is extremely last century. Disney is now piloting technology that uses AI, face recognition and infrared cameras in the cinema screen. They “watch” the audience, analyse facial reactions and use that data to drive decisions. So be sure to laugh in the right places, or you’ll ruin the final edit of Cars 5 for everyone…


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