4.6 Billion Articles, 100 Million Headlines, One President on Learning: Your Friday Briefing

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Welcome to Friday, Pink Posse! If you’re in the US, we hope the fireworks lit up your week nicely. Some further curated sparks below on how to write better headlines, sell socially as a team, and be a better lifelong learner. All you need is a Curation tool and a former President on your side. Easy…


libraryWhy The Knowledge Economy Needs a Netflix for Learning

Before Netflix, Spotify and their ilk, finding your new favourite show or song was messy: you had to scour multiple site and sources, and waste a lot of time. These platforms aggregate, curate, personalise and recommend entertainment content. Great when we’re relaxing. But with 4.6 billion pieces of content produced daily, we need a better way to surface relevant content to help us learn and work more effectively. So isn’t it time for a Netflix of Education? This article from Techcrunch makes a great case for better curation of learning content for the knowledge economy.


engaging-headlines-buzzsumoWhat We Learned from 100 Million Headlines: New Research on What Works

If you’re in content marketing or social selling, you’re in the headline writing business. How hard are you thinking about them? Your headline makes the biggest difference between click through and breeze past. Anders Pink co-founder Steve Rayson wrote this great data-driven piece for our sister company BuzzSumo analyzing 100 million headlines to see what phrases drove the most engagement on social. It Will Make You think differently about how to head up your next piece. 


smartphone-2123520_960_720Social Selling: Lots of Will, Challenges with Skills? New Forrester Research

Social Selling is gaining traction as the new way to engage buyers and prospects. Forrester just published some interesting new research on what’s working, and the challenges ahead. Whilst 98% of businesses see the long term value of social selling, the main challenges they face is building confidence in the sales team, and getting sales and marketing aligned. Culture eats tech for breakfast… Read this if you’re getting serious about social selling in your business.


krLet it Go: Why Are Firms So Bad At Shutting Down Failing Projects?

Kenny Rogers may not be considered a leading management consultant. But knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is a key skill for startups and established businesses alike. So why do firms cling on to failing products and divisions when they’re way past saving? Great article from McKinsey on the confirmation biases, sunk cost fallacies, and other human shortcomings that make it hard to let go.


jaBelated Happy 4th of July: A Lesson in Lifelong Learning from a President

Finally, for the week that’s in it for our American friends, we really liked this post from AI and Learning Guru (and my old boss) Roger Schank. He once worked with Donald Trump, but in this piece he recalls the wisdom of a President from a little further back. Turns out John Adams had a lot to say about staying smart, what’s actually worth learning, and generally be a useful person. Good advice any day of the year. 


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