Netflix vs Hulu, Cold Mails vs Social Selling, Machine Learning vs Humans: Your Friday Briefing


It’s a tale of two streaming models this week, Pink Posse. Who’s got it right – Netflix or Hulu? If that one’s tricky, how about: Which is better –  cold emails or social selling? Even a machine could answer that one. And do a lot more, it seems…


ml8 Ways Machine Learning Will Change Your Business

Your job and your business consists of making lots of decisions. Machines are getting very good at that too. This article in Harvard Business Review showcases 8 places where machine learning could help you with automated decisions and actions. Predictive maintenance, recruitment, even career planning can be in part powered by AI. It’s not without culture challenges, of course. But that’s not a reason to ignore the potential.


hocLong Tail or Play to the Crowd? The Netflix Innovator’s Dilemma

Netflix has had quite the run, with original programming, machine learning through recommender algorithms and a growing binge-ready subscriber base. But numbers are falling away now, and they’re faced with tougher choices. Niche shows that didn’t find a big enough audience are being dropped. Can they appeal to everyone, or do they need to specialise? This analysis from Wired on their options for scaling from here are useful to anyone in the content and SaaS business.


hmA Different Approach to Streaming: Is Hulu’s Platform the Future of TV?

If like us you’re loving (and terrified by) The Handmaid’s Tale, you’re wondering what Hulu’s plan is. Is it a me-too streaming service like the others? Perhaps being second (or third) in the market helps you see the challenges Netflix and others are facing. Hulu’s thinking differently. Maybe ads aren’t so bad, and having live events might be even better. A good example of building a different type of platform and being smarter around pricing models – lessons again for anyone selling content for a living. Expect that’s a few of you…


emailCold Emails Don’t Work: Pay Attention and Personalise

Cold calling is over, you knew that. But cold emailing isn’t any better.. While tools like LinkedIn make it easy to try and play the numbers game and blast out template emails to unsuspecting prospects, they will land flat, if they’re ever opened. Take the time to make it personal based on your prospects role and interests, share something that’s helpful to them and you up your social selling odds considerably. Don’t start the conversation talking about you. That didn’t work on the phone either. 

smFEEDing your Habit: Building a Social Selling Routine

The good people at Sales for Life aren’t not going to be sending any cold emails. In their very helpful eBook this week they set out a simple but effective process for building a great social selling habit: Find Useful Content, Engage your Prospects, Educate them, and Develop the relationship. Couldn’t agree more – the key is doing it every day to have an impact. Curating great content is a vital first step. If only there was some kind of tool for that…



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