Mary Meeker’s Trends, Rocket/Rabbit Matrix, And Other Rejected Band Names: Your Friday Briefing


Your pre-weekend reading starts right now, Pink Posse. And we hope you have no plans for the rest of the morning. It’s time to sit down with the doorstopper report of the year: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends. Enough stats to sustain you over your next 300 icebreakers or LinkedIn introductions. And that’s before we get to rabbits, rockets and bot-detecting bots…


mmMary Meeker’s Internet Trends: All Tech Trends in One Report

It’s the annual Silicon Valley Health Check: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report goes macro and micro on the trends that matter globally in Tech. Released this week, it’s worth taking the time to go through all 355 slides. TLDR? Oh come on, it’s only once a year. But here are some highlights:

  • The Music Business is growing again, but all the growth is in streaming: Spotify accounts for 20% of global Music Revenue (0% in 2008)
  • Ditto media: the cable cord is being cut. Netflix accounts for 30% of US Home Entertainment Revenue (0% in 2007)
  • Voice is the new search: 20% of internet search queries in 2016 were voice based
  • Ad revenue is growing, but advertising is becoming algorithmic, hyperlocal and transactions in themselves
  • Interactive gaming is at the core of innovation and learning – if you want to see the future of learning, become a gamer. 2.6bn of us already are (100m in 1995)
  • 100% of the top 5 most valuable companies on earth and 40% of the top 20 are Tech companies. Most of them are less than 25 years old, US headquartered, and founded or co-founded by immigrants

And that’s before you read about how China and India outstrip all-comers in technology, and how Healthcare is changing faster than most sectors. If you make time for one report a year, this is it.


rocketRabbit or Rocket? A 2×2 Matrix to Help you Balance Growth and Profit

If you want to be in Mary Meeker’s report next year (ok, let’s give you 2 years), you’ve got some decisions to make. Are you going for growth or profit? If you’ve breezed through any business text, You won’t be a stranger to 2 x 2 matrices. But this one from a Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, will make you think again about where your startup is, and whether you can pull a rabbit from the hat, or at least stay out of the scary quadrant of death.


li5 Steps to Better Social Selling on LinkedIn

Growth or Profit? Either way, you’re going to need revenue coming in the top. LinkedIn is where B2B sales professionals find and nurture their leads. This helpful guide from Social Media Examiner sets out 5 steps to building better LinkedIn relationships. At the core of it is providing valuable insights and showing your credibility and expertise. Sharing Mary Meeker’s slides with some comments on how it matters in your sector is a good start – that tip is for free…


runWhy You Have to Keep Learning, Even if you’re Winning

Already hit your annual target and bought your personal rocket (or rabbit)? Well by all means take the rest of the year off, and relax while your competitors overtake you. Nah, you know you’re not going to do that. Jamie Shanks shares some home truths about why you can’t stand still, even if you’re a star salesperson (or in any other role). Good tips on the value of continuous learning and keeping up with the market.


aiTraitor Bot of the Week: AI that warns you when you’re talking to AI

If, like us, you enjoy a round of “ask the chatbot if it’s a human and grade lame gag response”, then this device is for you. AI developers in Australia have created a wearable device that detects non-human responses and let you know (by literally sending a shiver down your spine) if you’re talking to a bot. If the service is good enough, you may not care. But think about how much shorter this movie could have been. And you’re right: AI built to detect AI may have an inherent flaw. That’s a different movie though.


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