Better Brainstorms, Blocking Sales Propoganda, Confounding in Marketing: Your Friday Briefing


Good Morning, Pink Posse! Ok, our confession: we stayed up all night for the UK election results. It seemed like a great idea at the time. So apologies in advance if there are extra zzzzs in our Friday updated today. Just staying awake to share a better way to brainstorm, market yourself while avoiding propaganda, and get therapy. Which would have been useful during the election…


brainstormTime to Rethink The Team Brainstorm

We’ve all assumed the position, replete with whiteboards and post-its and kind words about no bad ideas (expect a few polling companies might be planning them at the moment). But are your team brainstorms actually working? Interesting thoughts here from Harvard Business Review on how to approach brainstorming differently: Let people work on their own. Slow down. Let people draw more than they talk. And no trust falls. Please. No trust falls.


roryMarketing: Your Goal is To Confuse The Competition

You couldn’t accuse Rory Sutherland of lacking in brainstorming prowess. As creative director of Ogilvy, he’s developed campaigns that change people’s perceptions (much easier, as he says, than the messy business of changing reality). This week he writes about marketing needs to be more about imagination than data, and if you see a way to confuse the competition, forget the data and do it. Unconventional wisdom, well told.


robotSocial Selling: Why does it feel like Partying with Robots?

We love our bots here at Anders Pink. But we wouldn’t want to hang out with them of an evening. And yet a lot of social selling efforts feel like an innocent person being blasted with self-regarding promotional content from a sales bot. If you’re on either side of that fence, read this post from Hans Peter Bach on the real problem with social selling. You have a choice when sharing content on social: either it’s propaganda, all about you and your wonderful products, or it’s contextual and situational – all about specific groups and people in your audience and their challenges. Which is going to get attention? Read his post and make the right choice.


voiceVoice Search: Listen up, Marketing

Last week we brought you the highlights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report. One that stood out was the rise in voice search. By 2020, 50% of internet searches will be voice searches. What does that mean for marketing and sales? Mark Schaefer’s excellent Grow Blog makes a solid case for adding voice search to your marketing mix. If you’re not optimising for voice search, pretty soon nobody is going to hear you. Do you see what we did there.


woebotBot of the Week: WoeBot, The Chatbot Therapist

Alright, so we just said we wouldn’t want to hang out with bots. But maybe they can help us when we need to talk to someone non-judgemental and always there. Woebot will see us now. Wired reports this week on the rise of AI driven therapist bots who ask questions, provide curated content and track your mood. Whether it truly listens to you and can help you feel better about yourself is unclear, and may not really be the point. It’s always there to listen. One caveat – you can only access this one through Facebook Messenger. So if you want to talk about your Facebook addiction, you’re only making things worse…



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