Smarter Content, Social Sellers and Biker Cologne: Your Friday Briefing


It’s your Friday Round-up, Pink Posse: Some choice content that caught our curating eye this week. Among them: How to bring more intelligence to your content, more revenue through your customer service and more sass to your social selling. And as a free gift for all readers: some cologne from Harley Davidson. If that doesn’t get you excited, it’s time for a long look in the biker mirror…


mind readerContent Intelligence: How it’ll Change Content Marketing, Learning and much more

We know that content is the hard currency for most of our readers, whether it’s in marketing, selling or helping people learn. But most of us still suffer from Content Shock: drowning in content and not sure what to read, write or share next, and what’s actually working. This article from Michael Hall sets out how big data and artificial intelligence will help us make better content decisions. It highlights some of the content writing bots we’re mentioned before: content on sports and financial results are already being written by non-humans. Relax, they’re not writing your blogs. This week.


AIWhy First Wave AI is Doomed to Fail in Corporates

And now for some AI balance: Most initial attempts to use Artificial Intelligence in corporates are not going to work out. That’s the upbeat take from Harvard Business Review. It’s not about the tech, they say – it’s about how you go about innovation in your business. You have to change your processes, how your organization learns, and quite possibly your DNA to embed AI. If you’re in the first wave, find out how to stay afloat.


customer-1909135_960_720How Great Customer Service Can Grow Your Revenues

Whatever your business, you know that great customer service is key to retention. But it’s about more than retaining customers. By promoting your customer service, you can generate more revenue. We liked this set of practical tips from Jeremy Gin on turning your customer service success into a growth engine: share success stories on social is a key tip. Which segues semi-elegantly to…


paul lewisHow Pitney Bowes Made the Switch to Social Selling

2017 seems to be the year of the podcast (again), and the year of social selling, of course powered in part by curation. The good people at Link Humans brought those trends together in this podcast with Pitney Bowes on how they went from a small social selling pilot to a rollout across their whole business. The key: get senior stakeholders on board, showcase success early, make it easy for people to share.


blockbusterFrom Blockbuster Tapes to Biker Cologne: Sweden’s Museum of Failure

And finally, backing up the view from Harvard – sometimes your great product idea just isn’t.  Quartz shared some deliciously dusty examples from the Swedish Museum of Failure this week. It has a Scandi-Serious message: We only learn when we fail. So hats off to the ones who tried and ended up in these vaults. Some had their day, like when you rented a VHS tape and cried bitter tears over a late fine (or they were all out of Beverly Hills Cop 2). But others, well…turned out the world wasn’t ready for Harley Davidson Cologne: The scent when the rubber meets the road? Learn from this, my friends. 


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