Sharing Economy in Amsterdam, Social Selling in Action, AI in Everything: Your Friday Briefing


The temperature is rising, Pink Posse! But before you fire up that BBQ this weekend, here’s our Friday grilling: Do you know how to sell, even if you’re not in sales? Are you tapping into the sharing economy? And do you have enough AI in your life? Read on and feel that tiny bit more enlightened as you (carefully now) light up the grill.


ABCHow to Sell, Even if you’re not in Sales

We’re all in selling mode at some stage. Even if you don’t have it in your title, at some point you will need to persuade and help people to buy into what you’ve got to offer. This article from HBR shares some useful tips on selling if you’re not a salesperson: See it from your customers perspective, do your research, practice, and don’t talk about yourself. Useful reminders even if you already know that coffee is for closers (Actually, coffee is for curators. 100% confident that phrase is going to catch on).


socialSocial Selling: Don’t  Shout, Build Trust

Sales pros who want to build relationships already know it: Social Selling works. A post this week from Shane Gibson defines social selling success. It’s not about broadcasting and shouting louder than your competitors on social. It’s about building trust and credibility. He shares some great statistics  on social selling for financial advisors: 79% of advisors using social media gained new clients through social selling. If you like those numbers, check out his post.


AIWhy 2017 is the Year of AI

Artificial Intelligence is embedding itself into the sales process, and every aspect of our work and personal lives. The World Economic Forum this week shared a helpful overview on what AI really means, where it’s working, and why 2017 is the year of AI. Our favourite quote: “Data is the new oil”. Unlike that other black stuff, it’s not a finite resource – actually, there’s way too much of it. Which brings us to:


objectsCuration for L&D: Putting it into Practice

You may have heard us say it before: If you’re in Learning and Development, you need to add curation to your skillset. David Kelly recently put together a great list of resources on content curation to help you act on curation in a learning context. As we’ve said before: if you want to keep earning, keep learning: and there’s a lot of riches here to help you put curation into practice. And if you want more on this, here’s our book on curation for learning.


damThe Sharing Economy: Amsterdam leads in a $325bn industry

Curation is all about sharing of course. And the sharing economy, where we exchange goods and services including our time and skills, is where the growth is. Whether you’re trading your time and skills in the gig economy, your music, or your flat on AirBnB, sharing is disrupting traditional market models. The Sharing economy will be worth $335bn by 2025. So get out there and share. Our advice? Move to Amsterdam, and tap into a city powered by sharing. Even your lunch. Hope you’re feeling friendly.


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