Free Your Inner Donkey, Start your 15 Hour Week, Use AI for Marketing: Your Friday Briefing

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Feel the Friday, Anders Pink Posse! This week we’ve been curating content for you on riding donkeys instead of unicorns, switching to a 15 hour work week, and finding yourself (with SEO and Marketing AI). Relax, let go, it’ll all make sense in far less than 15 hours…


donkeyRide Donkeys, Not Unicorns: Why Steady Profit Beats Crazy Growth

We treat billion dollar unicorn companies and their founders like rockstars. But it’s probably easier to become a rockstar. The odds are low, and the sacrifices to external investors on the altar of exponential growth may not be worth it. This week our very own Steve Rayson reflects on why BuzzSumo has taken a bootstrapped approach to growth without VCs. The advice to our start up brethren: Retain control, focus on profitable growth and you won’t end up skewered by the unicorn dream.


seo-896174_960_720How to Get Found: 5 Tips for SEO and Beyond

Donkey or Unicorn: if people can’t find you, you won’t end up as either. SEO is one way, but not the only one. This week the Content Marketing Institute shares best practices on increasing your odds of people discovering you: using personas, being the best answer to questions, and (wait for it) speaking like a real person, not a keyword generator. The bots are not going to like this, but your customers will…


relaxing-1979674_960_720Save the World: Start a 15-Hour Week

Whatever animal you are, chances are you’re working more hours than you’d like to. So scale it back. How does 15 a week sound? That’s what the World Economic Forum is touting in an article this week. The robots will do the rest anyway. And it’s not just better for your stress levels, it’s a way of redistributing wealth and tackling inequality. So you can feel better about yourself – especially Wednesday to Friday.


artificial-intelligence-2167835_960_7204 Ways to Get AI working for You

Artificial Intelligence is a unicorn playground. But can it actually make a difference to your business? Entrepreneur this week shared four practical ways that AI can improve your marketing, customer service, and product development activities. Get to know your customers better, build more useful products, and provide more responsive service. Time to train the bots and see if you can get that insane 15 hour week down to a more manageable 10. Speaking of bots…


edward sciHand it to the Bots: How Next Generation Robots will get Dextrous

Robots. Ok, we’ll finally admit it: they’re useful. But when it comes to doing those uniquely human things, like picking things up, they’re a little clumsy. All that will change when bots get hands as good as humans. Never mind neurosurgery, they’ll actually be able to do useful things around the house, like hammering a nail. Great news for those of you as good as me at putting off home improvements. Though no robot could make as many excuses as me.


Where do we find this stuff? By using a few bots of our own to filter the good content using Anders Pink, combined with some human curation. Sign up and stay smart. You’ll never have to work more than 15 hours a week again. We may not be able to completely back that up with a guarantee. Best to check with HR first.