Amazon Stays Agile, Apple Stays On Top, Microsoft’s Watching You: Your Friday Briefing

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Bon Friday, Pink Posse! This week we’ve curated stories on a few plucky tech startups just trying to make their way in the world: Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. They’re taking different paths to innovate and stay on top. Find out what’s worked (and hasn’t) for them….


tim cookCan Apple Stay On Top for Ever?

Apple will likely become the world’s first trillion dollar company. But can it dominate forever? 86% of the Fortune 500 companies on the list in 1955 aren’t there any more. So there’s no guarantees of immortality. This article from Wired examines how companies rise and fall, and why Apple, though seemingly untouchable, is exposed to the same risks that killed Nokia, Blackberry and many others.


2 pizzasHow Amazon Stays More Agile Than Most Startups

It may not be the world’s most valuable company, but you wouldn’t bet against Jeff Bezos in that race to the Trillion tape. In this article from Forbes, we get an insight into what drives their innovation. It’s very different from Apple: Use algorithms. Fail fast and learn. And keep things lean, even when you’re huge. We’ve always liked Jeff’s Two Pizza rule: If you can’t feed the team with two pizzas, it’s too big. Also if you order more than that, the drone gets overloaded.


brandsThe World’s Most Valuable Brands

And while we’re reeling off some of the winners, here’s the full list of the world’s most valuable brands from World Economic Forum. Tech dominates the list – but look at the changes over the last 5 years. Apple’s falling, Amazon’s rising (as the stories above might have hinted at). Most of these brands didn’t exist 25 years ago. Everyone has to start in a garage sometime…


12Social Selling: Your 12 Steps to Success

All of these brands know how to sell. Selling socially, even in B2C, matters. We thought these 12 steps to social selling work well as a simple practical starting point if you’re new to the idea. It’s simpler than you think. But harder than it sounds to make a daily habit of it.
Curation helps...did we say that out loud?


Search The Room, Not the Web: Microsoft’s New Real World Search

What’s next in search? Everything around you. What if a chemical spill happens on a factory floor when nobody’s watching? What if cameras could see it, use AI and machine learning to identify it as a code violation, and alert the right people? Microsoft’s real-world search was unveiled at their Build Conference last week: Just look at what it can do:

A revolution for health and safety training and support, or a privacy invasion rife with complications? Yes, and possibly yes. But great if you lose your keys. Not that it ever happens.


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