Three Ways to Discover Great Content with Anders Pink [VIDEO]

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Curating content? The great stuff you’re seeking is out there. But it’s not easy to find. As curators, we know we should spent less time seeking, and more time sharing and adding value. To help make that easier, here are three ways to instantly find recent and relevant content using our Discover Feature in Anders Pink.

Here’s a 90 second video to help you discover great content:

Prefer the step-by-step? No problem…

1. Click Discover and Enter any topic

We’ll immediately find you relevant and recent content from a range of quality sources. From here you can do three things:

2. Follow the Topic to Get Regular Updates

Click “Follow This Topic”:

follow topic

This will add it to your home page:

top topics

It constantly refreshes, so every time you check our app or desktop version, you’ll see the latest content on your topic.

3. Follow a Related Public Briefing

We and the very nice people in the Anders Pink community create briefings on all sorts of topics and make them public so you can follow them. If there’s a briefing match for your topic, you’ll see it on the right in Discover:

related briefings

Open it up to see what they’re curating. If you like what you see, just click “Follow” in the top right:

follow briefing

This adds this briefing to your briefings list. It’ll update every few hours to keep you up to date.

4. Start a Custom Briefing

To get really specific about your topic, you can start a custom briefing from the discover page:

create briefing

In a custom briefing, you can add a range of filters including

  • Additional topics e.g. “content marketing” or “inbound marketing”
  • Words that must appear in the article title, like “tips”, or “examples”
  • Words that must not appear in the article title, like “jobs” or “conferences”
  • Specific websites that you want to see content from
  • RSS feeds you want to see content from
  • Twitter users you want to see content from

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 16.36.08

You can find out more about how to create a briefing here.

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