How To Create Teams in Anders Pink [Video]

create teams

It’s easier to stay smarter if you’re working together as a team to find, filter and comment on relevant content.

Here’s a 2 minute video on how you can do that in Anders Pink:

Here are 5 ways you can stay smart as a team in Anders Pink:

  1. Create a team: You can invite any colleagues into a private team, or create an open community and build an audience around your topic and brand.
  2. Find relevant content: Create a custom briefing on any topic you’re interested in: your research area, your customers, your competitors. Briefings update every few hours. Everyone in your team can see your briefing and stay smart, and create their own briefings to share with you.
  3. Comment and share: See an article that’s particularly relevant to your team? Flag it, add value with a comment, and mention your colleagues specifically, e.g. “@jack this article is relevant to your clients, you should share it with them”.
  4. Stay notified: Get notifications when others in your team mention you or flag an article. If your colleagues think you need to see something, you know you can trust their views.
  5. Save and curate: Save articles into team folders to build a curated knowledge base. Use it for social sharing and as a curated set of microlearning for others in the team.

Set up a team on Anders Pink here. We’d love to see what you think.