Disrupting The Gig Economy, Fighting Fake News in School, Reinventing Learning: Your Early Friday Briefing


You’re ahead of yourselves, Pink Posse: Here is your Friday Briefing. On a Thursday. We need to get this out before work is disrupted by holidays for some. Also on the disruption agenda: digital learning, the gig economy, and fake news class in school…


tree-426264_960_72010 Trends Disrupting Digital Learning: Bersin’s Review (and our take)

Digital Learning has changed. 10 years ago the default model was buy an Learning Management System and load courses into it. But that’s not enough any more, if it ever was. In a recent review, veteran analyst Josh Bersin called out the trends that are disrupting the digital learning landscape. The future’s open, continuous and focused on real experience. Sounds like a healthy set of trends to us. We share our take on them here.

gigDisrupting the Gig Economy: Flash Teams and AI

One change in digital learning, and many other sectors: Having large teams on your books makes less sense now that you can rent skills from a global talent workpool by the day. The Gig Economy changes how we buy and sell our time and skills. And of course, AI is playing its part in scooping up a lot of the jobs. Find out how to assemble a Flash team and use AI for the Gig Economy. (Not the Adobe kind of Flash. Nobody wants that in their team).


fbookTerrible News(feed): Facebook’s Not Good for You

Another week, another survey on the harms of social media. This one’s by Yale University. It singles out Facebook as the main offender. A large sample size over two years showed that “both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.” What’s more, they found that the more you use Facebook, the worse you feel. Tricky one for the customer retention team. Maybe they need those old Nintendo “Take a break” reminders. Must comment on Zuck’s page with that gem.


children-593313_960_720Fighting Fake News in School

You may have read that one of Facebook’s minor issues is promoting fake news. They and others are taking steps to curtail it. But some educators see the real battle with helping young people to spot the spurious and question sources. While school goers are adept with social media, they’re less skilled at spotting fake news stories. 31% of young people shared a story they later discovered was untrue. Here’s more about the Fight on Fake News in schools, from CNN (we know, Donald – the irony).


techBot of the Week: Meet your Inhuman Teaching AssIstant

You have to hand it to Jill Watson, Teaching Assistant at Georgia Tech. She never goes on Facebook. She answers 10,000 student queries before lunch. Just kidding – she doesn’t go on lunch. You already know why. The latest in a line of Bots that disrupting education and supporting students on massive scale, Jill’s outpacing her flesh-encumbered counterparts. The students have no idea she’s not human, proven by the fact that one of them asked her to dinner. Can you get into trouble for harassing a non-sentient entity? Virtually certain you can.

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