Anders Pink: A Two Minute Overview [VIDEO]

ap2 mins

New to Anders Pink? Want to start finding great content for you and your teams? Here’s a 2 minute overview (ok, 2 mins 14 seconds…but think of the time you’ll save if you sign up):

5 things you can do with Anders Pink:

  1. Get relevant content immediately: Sign in with Twitter and we’ll immediately find topics you share content about, and show recent and relevant articles on those topics on your home page.
  2. Filter Your Twitter Network: See a filtered view of the most shared articles in your Twitter Network. You can filter these by topic and time.
  3. Do an Instant Search: In Discover, search for any topic. We’ll immediately show you the relevant content. You can follow this topic to add to your home page, or follow related briefings.
  4. Create a Custom Briefing: Create a briefing on any topic. We suggest relevant sites, RSS feeds and Twitter influencers to help make it more specific, including the top 100 business sites, which you can add in one click. Your briefing will update every four hours so you’re constantly seeing fresh content.
  5. Create a Private Team: invite colleagues, share articles, save, curate, comment and stay smarter together.

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