Action for Ambiverts, Good News Bubbles, Flexible Worker Fails: Your Friday Briefing


It’s Friday, Pink Posse – but we’re not going to shout about it. Because we’ve just realised we are ambiverts. Next week we’ll be back to yelling. But for now let’s speak in hushed tones about good news bubbles and weird Amazon tech that checks you out. Shhh…

next20 People Changing The Future of Tech

Who knows what the future will bring? Here’s a list of people who do. This week, Wired published its list of 20 people who will shape the future of tech, and by extension, of our world. Among their modest aims: get Wall Street to collaborate better. Eradicate disease with frugal science. Get Microsoft to build better computers than Apple. It’s good to dream…

ambivertSay it sort of loud, be somewhat proud: You’re an Ambivert

Sometimes you like being alone in your room, sometimes you’re very sociable. Sometimes you shout, sometimes you’re very quiet. Now there’s a special term for you. No, not a teenager. There’s a new challenge to the introvert / extrovert binary model for coding human beings. 51 per cent of people don’t identify with either of those extremes. Witness the rise of the Ambivert. You’re in the majority. And it turns out you’re better at selling than your shouty friends. Not that you’d tell them. Well maybe sometimes.


flexThe Flexible Working Fallacy: Work More Hours Whenever You Want!

The Ambivert’s natural habitat (at least some of the time) is working from home. About a third of all workers in the UK have a flexible working arrangement. But there’s a side effect, and we’re guessing you already know it if you’re among the pyjama skype call brigade: Flexible workers put in more hours work than their office-bound counterparts. Why? It seems to be partially due to gift exchange theory: Our employer is giving us a gift of more flexibility, so we thank them by working more hours to continue to earn the gift. That’s a gift that keeps on giving. To the man…


good newsBring on The Good News Bubble

You know we love to talk about echo chambers and fake news. But Quartz has a refreshingly upbeat reminder this week: There’s also something called good news. But it doesn’t sell papers (the printed version of the internet) but despite the bleakness of your feed, there are many reasons to be cheerful that you may not have read about. They point out that you need a variety of sources and balance to manage your news filters and bring in more of the good stuff. No arguments in this quarter…


Judgy Bot of the Week: Amazon’s Echo Look Will Fix your Fashion Fail

Tired of those useless old audio input only AI assistants? They’re so first quarter. Amazon’s about to launch the Echo Look. It’s an upgrade on its ludicrously sightless current version. Its inbuilt camera is watching you. It’ll take a photo or video tell you what it thinks of your outfit. If there’s no part of you disturbed by that prospect, then you’re truly living in the right century. Could be interesting training options though. For Health and Safety professionals: “You’re going out in THAT? Try the hi-viz jacket, it matches your eyes…”

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