Useless Classes, 40 Billion Searches, Flatpacked Gardens: Your Friday Briefing


Another Friday already, Pink Posse? We’ll take it. This week we look at how we search, why LinkedIn is changing marketing, and how to sort of build a garden. Gardening was never a strong point. Maybe we’re doomed to be useless, and maybe we’re not alone…


AIAI and The Rise of the Useless Class

You’re not useless, of course. Unless you happen to be in the 99% of people whose jobs could be done by automation in the near future. This recent idea from TED may not strike you as worth spreading if you are. According to them, the safest job to be in is archeology. You have a 0.7% chance of being replaced by a robot. But that’s only because it’s not very profitable (sorry Indy). They ask the question – in a future like this, what’s worth teaching in school? Coding, maybe a little digging, how to use a whip, but beyond that, who knows…


searchHow Do You Google? The State of Search in 23 Stats

How many Google Searches are performed each month? More than 20 Billion? More than 40 Billion? The short answer is yes. For the longer answer, check out this post by Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin. He’s analysed how we search the web and shares 23 stats in a fascinating post this week. SEO gurus will be interested to see that 25% of search volume is outside the top 100 million keywords. That’s a very long tail of queries. Are you ranking in your niche?


liWhy LinkedIn is Becoming the New Home of Publishing

Search is one thing, but getting your content picked up on social is another. If you’re in B2B marketing, there’s one platform you really need to tap into – and it isn’t Facebook. Really interesting research from Susan Moeller (stable pal at BuzzSumo) here on why LinkedIn matters for content marketing.  Data from 2015 and 2016 shows that the total shares of content published on the platform has more than doubled, from 31 million to almost 73 million. And, the average number of shares per post has increased by 43%. And it’s nowhere near slowing. Read this if you want to build traffic using LinkedIn.


joinerWelcome aboard, now read all of this: What’s Wrong With Onboarding

It’s all too familiar a start in any new job: we regret it immediately and start looking around. 50% of people in a job today will be working somewhere else come 2018. Why? Fast Company says you can track a lot of the trouble back to how they were treated on day one. This week they looked at three things companies get wrong when they onboard new people. One of the sins is infodumping: telling your new employee everything you think they should know on day one, rather than thinking about what they really need. Time to rethink how you welcome people.


growInside out: A Flatpacked Garden from IKEA

Now that spring is starting to look like an actual thing, it’s time to tackle that mess you call a garden. One idea: Get a new one. IKEA are making that easier than it sounds. They’ll now deliver you a self-assembly garden. The Growroom is a spherical space you can sit inside, and literally watch your garden grow. The instruction manual only has 17 steps. So based on my personal IKEA skills, you could knock it together in under 700 hours.


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