Stop Chasing Unicorns, Start Talking to Lawyer Bots: Your Friday Briefing


Let’s all agree it’s Friday, Pink Posse! And further to that, let’s also agree that if a robot can teach your kids, provide legal aid, make movies and cook your dinner, we’re living in either a golden age of growth or the end of humanity. Let’s stick together mortals, it’s going to get tough for us…

snapStop Chasing Unicorns: Not All Growth is Good

In a week where every entrepreneur wonders how to become the next Snap, this was a really refreshing read from Basecamp co-founder DHH. He looks at the ethos of Venture Capital backed startups chasing exponential growth, often in the absence of any profit. Are all-conquering startups good for the market, and for society? Is there a better model? VCs may want to look away.

donotpayRobot Lawyers for Refugees

Let’s not kill all the VCs though. First, let’s kill all the lawyers (that’s not a directive, we’re just quoting Shakespeare, and what did he know?). 2017 update: let’s reskill all the lawyers, by using bots instead. The DoNotPay bot which emulates legal decision making has helped thousands of people avoid parking fines. Now it’s turning its processing power to a more noble challenge: helping refugees claim asylum with free legal aid. One day, everyone will be welcome wherever they want to park themselves – and then get promptly fined for parking in the wrong zone.


alexaAlexa, Please! and Thank You: Your Kids Need some Bot Manners

“Alexa, answer all my questions. Now.” If that’s how the conversation goes in your house too, you might want to read the Washington Post’s piece this week on what talking to AI is doing to our kids. Upside: they don’t need your help with homework. Downside: they are not learning to be very nice to machines. Not a good long term move, considering they’re going to be asking them for jobs in a few years. 


f1What Formula One Can Teach You About Creativity

Do you like fast cars? Your kids probably do. You know, the kind that humans (for now) drive at insane speeds around Formula 1 tracks? It’s a more creative pursuit than it looks. Turns out that feeling under pressure and a little bit scared is good for your creative mind. Bear that in mind next time you’re lane changing like a demon on your way to IKEA.


man-vrVR Moviemaking: Watch this Space

The early days of movies looked a lot like filmed plays. Nobody had figured out the medium yet. Virtual Reality entertainment is probably around that stage too. But filmmakers like Jon Favreau are going to change that with the first VR movies. Read about the “tectonic shift” that’s coming. You too could actually go to the North Pole and sit on an elf’s lap. If that’s something you would like to do.


flipDon’t Flip Out – it’s just a Burger Bot

Is all of this making you think you’re better off getting out of lawyering and film making, and focusing your career on burger flipping? Sorry, the bots are already in the kitchen. MIT this week introduces us to Flippy. It’ll make you a better burger. And a 3D printed pizza, but only if you say please. And yes, it already knows you want fries with that.


And now the plot twist: All of this was written by bots. Nah, we’re real. But it was sourced by Bots, using our Anders Pink tool to find the latest content on the topics that we love to track. You can use it too. Free in beta for all humans.