Learn More and Live Longer, Art Gallery AI, Alexa Hears from the Court: Your Friday Briefing

fri brief

Friday, repeat Friday Pink Posse! What did you learn this week? We discovered there’s a Spotify for Art, Alexa’s going to have her say in court, and Facebook’s doing something clever and brave. So what? Well just by learning those things, we’re going to live another year. Seriously, Harvard told us…

bookLifelong Learning Makes your Life Longer

Regular visitors to this corner of the interweb will know we’re believers in lifelong learning. Our legion is growing – Harvard Business Review, welcome to the club. In this recent article, they examine some of the less corporate benefits of making learning a lifelong habit: You’ll live better and longer, make more money and people will like you more. Nice pitch – worked for Dale Carnegie…

artPeople who Liked the Mona Lisa also Liked…AI in your Art Gallery

We’ve seen recommender engines change how we discover our new favourite tracks on Spotify and shows on Netflix. But galleries and museums are still siloed and disconnected. Now there’s an app that aims to change your art world experiences. Smartify (it has art in it, and smart, it sounds like Spotify – kudos guys) wants to be your personal curator. You’re in a gallery in Utrecht (why? that’s your business). You like a painting. Scan it on your phone and see other works you might like from galleries around the world, with audio commentary. Create a playlist, share with your friends. We may be biased but a warm Anders Pink welcome to another curation tool, even if you’re far more arty than us.  We should go see something together. You choose.


echoAlexa, Open The Constitution: Amazon Echo vs The United States

Were you really in that gallery on friday night? Smartify might be your alibi, but Alexa may testify against you in court. At least, if the US government get their way. Alexa’s memory and the rights to it is being tested in US courts right now. The prosecutors want to know if it heard anything that might solve a murder case. Amazon argues that what Alexa hears is protected by the first amendment, in that it covers the right to browse and express yourself anonymously. The founding fathers didn’t see this one coming. Expect more arguments, though probably mainly people shouting at her for S3 fails.


medtechMedTech Hacks: Back up Your Pacemaker

S3 going down is one thing, your medical device suffering an outage is another. MedTech is another of the next big things in tech. But like any IoT device, it’s prone to security breaches. And security is looking pretty lax. Dick Cheney was sufficiently worried about his pacemaker to have it upgraded to prevent hacking. It’s beneath us to insert jokes here. But if you think of one, well we can’t hack into your awful mind.


facebook-257829_960_720Facebook uses Machine Learning to Prevent Suicide

Facebook can predict a lot about its users likely behaviour. That includes indications that someone is at risk of self harm or suicide. And it wants to do something about that. It’s introduced a new AI algorithm that detects actions including live streams that suggest someone is at risk, and intervenes with support and offers of live counselling. Fascinating and valuable use of machine learning, and shows that Facebook is not always just using data to its own advantage.

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