Better Employee Engagement, Musk Machine Mind Meld, Sick Bot Burns: Your Friday Briefing


Bon Friday, Pink Posse. Are you engaging? We know you are. But could you do more? Should you go with your gut rather than big data? And should you let Elon Musk mess with your mind? Yes, yes, and yes. You can trust us…

eeEmployee Engagement: From Sugar Highs to Serious Help

You know the drill. The annual employee engagement survey rolls around. HR addresses some quick wins. They said, you did. But is it actually making a lasting difference, or just an expensive adrenaline boost that dips quickly? Harvard Business Review this week profiled the companies that go beyond employee engagement to improve employee experience. They argue there are three key workplace environmental factors: physical, cultural and technological. The companies that design better employee experiences around these are consistently rated the best places to work. They also outperform their peers. Time to skip the improved canteen snacks and go deeper with employee engagement?


rouletteBig Data or Gut Instinct – Which do you Trust?

Big Data, Predictive Analytics – these are the tools that correctly predict the future (except for Trump, Brexit, and other minor surprises like those). Are we forgetting the power of instinct? Interesting piece from Steve Blakeman on the relationship between risk, uncertainty and combining data with your gut.The head of Netflix recently said that all their data science can’t tell them if their next show is going to be a hit. Instinct is what matters. Comforting for humans. Less comforting if you lost 7 hours watching The OA (my gut was this is rubbish, stop watching. But sadly my gut couldn’t reach the remote).


muskElon Musk will Meld Your Mind with Machines

Conquer Space. Build Driverless Cars. Create Hyperloop. Power Australia. Quick lunch. What does Elon Musk’s calendar look like? Another to-do just added: Fuse human mind with computer. Neuralink will use “Neural Lace” to hook you up. Upload to or download thoughts from a machine. Combine your frankly laughable human intelligence with AI. If you’re feeling scared, don’t worry. After your “upgrade”, you won’t feel anything. We’ll be all over this as more details are downloaded into our little heads. If Musk is actually a Bond Villain, he’s making Blofeld seem like a terrible underachiever.


riotI Predict a Riot: How VR and AI are Simulating Unrest

What’s it like to try to make it out of a riot? Filmmakers, VR and AI experts and combined to show you. A new experience, Riot, puts you into into the action. It’s more than a game. Using sensors, it reads your emotional state and responds, bringing other characters to help – or hinder – you. Is it the future of gaming and filmmaking? Whatever it is, it’s not recommended as part of your first Neuralink download. Go and see it in LA and London (where they’ve had quite enough of real riots we suspect). 


tweetSick Bot Burn of the Week: Trump Tweet Auto-Torcher

All of which may give you the bot fear this week. But let’s not forget bots can do lots of interesting things. This one for example, prints each Tweet from the Donald and then literally burns it. You don’t have time to do that, even if you wanted to. But make time to watch a bot do it. There is probably another bot that prints each tweet and covers them with glitter and stars. Just for balance.