Smarter Social Selling, CLOs Curating, FactBots Tweeting: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Friday. And Hello, Anders Pink posse. This week we’re helping to do social selling better, sharing why CLOs need to become curators, and helping you find the perfect playlist for a rainy day. Or whatever the weather is where you are…


social1Social Selling: Helping the Sales Team Stay Smart

As everyone knows by now, cold calling is dead. If you want to engage prospects and clients on social, you need to share useful content with them. Harvard Business Review recently shared their insights, including some great stats on how effective it is to just simply be helpful on social media. If you’re responsible for helping a sales team find and share useful content, start here: How Social Selling Helps You Win

There’s plenty more about social selling in our curated briefing here.


aiThree Jobs that AI will Take

Selling is human, right? Well, for now, even if automated curation is assisting. Other jobs are going to be a lot less human. Venturebeat this week highlighted three roles that AI will largely take on: Spotting fraudulent insurance claims, customer service requests in financial services, healthcare claims management. If that’s your passion, maybe time to get into AI instead.


elCLOs: Stop Creating, Start Curating

If AI is coming for your job, you’re going to need to learn to work with it. That goes for Chief Learning Officers too. “The Learning Curve is the new earning curve” according to CLO Magazine this month. In this article they call for Chief Learning Officers to stop trying to create learning, and move towards a curated model. That means using AI for recommendations and crowdsourcing good content from multiple sources. You’re going to hear a lot more of this in 2017.

Why CLOs need to Move from Conduits to Creators


twtrFighting Fake News With FactBots

To the front line now of the ever-ending war on fake news: The World Economic Forum has decided to take it on. With, urm, a bot. They’re experimenting with an automated Twitter FactBot that detects false commentary in their Twitter feed, calls it out with a “that’s not true” response, and provides corrections with links to articles. No, not creepy at all (we look forward to their correction). As soon as there’s an oh-yes-it-is SeanSpicerBot, these two are going to have it out on Twitter.

FakeBot Calls You Out on Twitter 


spotifySnow Wonder We Like Spotify

What’s the weather like where you are? Chances are there’s a playlist to match it. Spotify is a data company. With 100 million users, they can track what people are listening to everywhere. They saw a correlation between the weather and what we listen to. So they’ve combined their service with Accuweather to create playlists based on your local weather today. Houston readers, please note: There’s a 70% drop in danceability forecast for this afternoon.

Here’s your weather-compatible Spotify Playlist


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