Why Ethics Training Fails, How Farmville Gets Real, When Google Counts your Calories: Your Friday Briefing


Merry weekend Pink Posse! This week we’re helping you to not commit widescale fraud, rotate your crops properly, eat better through photography, and power yourself up with sunshine. Let us know if you had different resolutions for this year and we’ll get right back to you…

vwLearning from Volkswagen: Why Ethics Training Doesn’t Work

This week Volkswagen, last year Wells Fargo…over and over we see senior executives act unethically and get caught. Most organisations including these ones have elaborate compliance and ethics training. And if you’re in L&D, you’ve probably seen your fair share of it. But, argues Harvard Business Review, there are three reasons why ethics training just doesn’t work. And it’s not about the training itself being particularly good or bad.


farmPlaying Farmville for Real: App for Farmers Raises $22m

You could play at managing a virtual farm. Or take on a real one. It’s much more fun, we’re told. But you still need to watch your crops and make tricky decisions. FarmLogs is the app for that. It uses big data and machine learning to help farmers. And it’s just joined a crop (sorry) of Ag Tech apps that are getting Venture Capital attention. The next big sector? Bet the farm on it (really sorry).

mgrbotGood News for Managers: The Bots Can’t Get you (Yet)

It’s hard to be a great manager. Which is one of the reasons it’s out of the reach of robots. McKinsey recently analysed the business areas where humans are most and least susceptible to replacement by machines. Managing others? You’re safe enough. Processing data or operating machinery? Get into management (or join McKinsey)


burrigoBad News for Foodie Posters: Google Photos is Counting Your Calories

Ever take a picture of a burrito the size of your head and share it on Instagram to maximise FOMO to everyone on a January diet? It’s ok. You’re not alone. But Google may just rain a little on your jalapeno. New Google AI can give you a calorie estimate of your imminent dinner based on a photo. Guess it’s useful if I’m hovering in pre-raid mode in front of the fridge. But if I’ve already ordered or made it, it’s a bit late…come on Google. Can’t you anticipate what I’m going to order and warn me? It’s 2017!


solarSolar Power to the People: Power-Up in the Sunshine

Need to work off that ill-judged Instagram dinner? Talk a walk in the sun. And while you’re doing it, become your own generator. A new study in Switzerland suggests that postage-stamp size panels implanted under your skin could generate enough electricity to run pacemakers and other currently battery operated devices. So you could charge your own phone just by going outside…as long as the sun is shining of course. So be sure to charge everything on that nice day that’s sometimes in July if you live in the UK.

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