The Anders Pink Guide To Learning Technologies 2017

lt17 learning technologies 2017

London’s Olympia hosts Europe’s largest learning technology event on 1st and 2nd February. It really is the must attend event for all those involved with improving performance through learning and technology. We set out what you need to know and ten stands to visit to see Anders Pink in action.

What you need to know: 10 tips for LT17 success 

You can have a great experience at LT. Or you can wander around and wonder why you went. If you want to be in that first column, here are some tips to maximise your chances of success:

  1. The cafe in Olympia is legendary… For all the wrong reasons.  Get a friendly exhibitor to let you into their green room for lunch or visit our friends on the Sponge stand at C10 for some cake. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink nearby.
  2. You’re going to need a lot of caffeine. So grab a coffee before you arrive or pop out to Betty Blythe’s vintage tea rooms, 73 Blythe Road, W14 0H. Also bring a bottle of water. The cafe prices in the Olympia make first class train travel look positively cheap and the queues are long.
  3. Be prepared for a lot of walking. Comfy shoes and peppermint foot lotion are recommended. Wear heels at your peril. Or at least don’t change into them until evening drinkie time.
  4. The free exhibition seminars are great if you don’t have a conference pass. Check them out here.
  5. The official hashtag is . Use it to ask for recommendations or even find a lunch companion. Keep an eye on the backchannel for tips on interesting conferences, or opportunities to meet up with people.
  6. There are 760 pubs within 3 miles of Kensington Olympia station. If you want a free drink, Mark and Ian are the people to be nice to.
  7. Go with questions. There are over 250 exhibitors and 150 free seminars. Even if you go for two days, you won’t see it all. It’s worth taking some time to form some questions in your mind that you want the answers to, and seek out the companies and seminars that will best answer your question. So what are you trying to achieve with Learning Technology in 2017?
    • Do you have a specific performance or learning problem that you’re trying to solve? If you had to procure it at the show, what questions would you ask? Ask those questions.
    • Are you looking for a new platform, tool or app? What do you need it to do? Is it replacing something, if so what does it need to do better than your current one?
    • Are you looking for a partner for learning? What are you looking for in them?
    • Are you looking for content? On what, delivered how?
    • Are you looking for innovation or inspiration? Topics like gamification, curation, social learning, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are among the headline themes at the conference. Are you seeking practical ways to bring these into your organisation? Find vendors who can show them working in practice. Ask to see their best demos based on your needs.
  8. Plan your route. Look at the exhibition floor map and the list of seminars. Choose your must-see exhibitors and seminars. Organise your time around the people and talks you know you want to see. Organise in rows or clusters around seminars to be efficient about your time. Leave time for wandering and serendipity of course, but you’re better off being a ninja than a nomad when it comes to getting around this show.
  9. Be direct with vendors. This is not the time to channel your inner introvert. Ask your questions, make it clear what you came to the stand looking for. If you need to speak to a salesperson, or a technical specialist, say so. Vendors prefer getting straight down to business at LT (trust us, we’ve been there many, many times). It’s your time, so you drive the conversation and ask to see what’s new, what’s relevant to your needs. You’ll have a better conversation – or if there’s nothing in it for either of you, you won’t waste anyone’s time.
  10. Ask for meetings in advance. If your time is limited (whose isn’t?), contact the vendors or experts you want to see in advance. Let them know you want 10 minutes with someone who can talk about your specific interest, and what time would work best for you. You can curate your own LT by scheduling a set of meetings. Less waiting around for you. More productive meetings. And bonus: many vendors will have private green room meeting areas, so you can get away from the noise and probably get tea and biscuits for your trouble.

Where to See Anders Pink in action at LT17

We like to think of Anders Pink is the Intel Inside of continuous and curated learning, and we’re fortunate to be partnering with several companies at LT17 who are using Anders Pink to power curation and continuous learning in their solutions. In addition to our phone apps, we provide an API which allows companies to integrate our technology into their learning platforms.  This allows them to automatically filter and curate the latest published articles and deliver these to learners to ensure a continuous learning experience. For example, our automated filters can provide the latest articles on driverless cars or from say 10 specific domains, as well as articles shared by influencers or included in RSS feeds. These articles can be provided to learners directly or curated further.

There are many companies at the Learning Technologies event that have integrated our Anders Pink API. We recommend you take a look at their modern learning solutions and how they can support your continuous learning. So here’s our shamelessly biased set of recommended stopping points:


Fuse – Stand M3

You can’t miss Fuse’s bright pink and lively stand. Fuse Universal offers customers the most advanced technologies in the market, built to help increase learner engagement and business performance.

Steve Dineen and the team give non-stop demos of Fuse on their stand. Fuse is a modern learning system, which enables progressive learning organisations, to transform themselves in to becoming true learning organisations. You can see Anders Pink in action on this beautifully designed platform. Anders Pink powers the ‘From around the web’ feature on the Fuse platform.


HT2 – Stand N14

HT2 Labs invest time and resources into developing technologies that help organisations from all sectors design, develop and deliver better learning experiences for people who want to change their lives through learning.

Their products include Curatr, an award-winning Social Learning Platform, Learning Locker a Learning Record Store (LRS) and Red Panda, a Personal Learning Hub to help learners. Red Panda uses Anders Pink to discover new and relevant content for learners.

We’ll be talking and showing curation in action on the HT2 stand at 12pm on both days. Come and catch up with us there.

Unicorn Training – Stand P14

Unicorn is an industry-leading provider of digital learning – offering everything from custom content services to learning games and app development.

Unicorn’s new Minds-i app is a great way to reinforce learning. It is accessible microlearning that makes sure you keep learning every day. Anders Pink powers the discovery feature of this new exciting app.

logo-netex (1)NetexLogoBIG-BLUE-300x113

Netex – Stand B14

Netex brings innovative learning technologies to companies and publishers. Their Learning Cloud platform is much more than an LMS. It’s a full apps suite designed to connect dots for corporate L&D. An LMS, a social network, an authoring tool and a content manager, complemented with a range of additional services.

Anders Pink is now available in the Netex Learning Cloud. Learners can curate content on any topic and get fresh, relevant content every day. Come and see the launch of Anders Pink in Learning Cloud at the Netex stand.


Logic Earth – Stand R1

Logic Earth supports L&D professionals with tools, enterprise content and consultancy to drive business improvement. An innovative and fast growing solutions provider who are worth checking out.

Logic Earth use the Netex Learning Cloud Platform in conjunction with their own solutions to bring curated content via Anders Pink.


Totara Learning – Multiple Partner Stands

Totara is transforming learning with its world-class open source LMS and Social Learning Platforms for corporates. Anders Pink has developed a plug-in for Totara which enables you to display curated content right in the LMS or Social Learning Platform. Ask Totara Partners at the show for a demo:

Engage in Learning – Stand L1
Webanywhere – Stand N6
Kineo – Stand B2
Learning Pool – Stand C12 

Synergy Learning – Stand A15



Kineo – Stand B2

Whether you’re looking for innovative elearning content, a first-rate learning management system, off the shelf courses or expert advice about shaping your L&D strategy – Kineo can help.Kineo have integrated Anders Pink with their Totara learning platform solutions so you can ensure your LMS support continuous learning and delivers fresh, relevant content every day.



Learning Pool – Stand C12

Learning Pool offer a complete learning technologies service that includes a library of responsive and editable content, Adapt Builder and innovative learning games to improve job performance. They are also top global supplier of Totara LMS.

The Anders Pink Totara integration allows organisations to deliver the latest content to support continuous learning every day.



Lumesse – Learning Lounge Fringe Event

Lumesse help organisations find and build their best talent, with a range of Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Talent Development Solutions. Lumesse is running their own Learning Lounge Fringe Event at the St Paul’s Hotel across the road from LT.

Stop by for great food, drink and discussion, including a talk from Anders Pink Co-Founder Steve Rayson in the Learning Disrupted mini-conference. Lumesse offers Anders Pink as part of their solution, so ask for a demo while you recline in their lovely lounge too.


aplogoAnders Pink – We’ll meet you anywhere…

Want to meet us at LT? We’ll be supporting all of our great partners on their stands, and we’ll also be around to treat you to a coffee and a demo.. Just get in touch and we’ll fix a meeting at the show, or tweet us @anderspink when you’re there.

Have a great Learning Technologies 2017 – hope to see you there!