Making Learning a Habit, Making Cars Play GTA: Your Friday Briefing


It’s that Friday time again, Pink Posse. It’s time to develop that lifelong learning habit. And time to play Grand Theft Auto against your driverless car. And of course, it’s time to let potato chips be your designated driver. Just go with it…

infin_smallMaking Learning a Lifelong Habit

Last week saw a special report from The Economist on The Economic Imperative for Lifelong learning. Picking up the baton this week is Harvard Business Review. They share four tips for developing a lifelong learning habit: Articulate the outcomes you want to achieve, set realistic goals, join a learning community and ditch the distractions. Sensible stuff. If continuous learning was on your resolution list way back on Jan 1st, it’s worth a read.

How to make learning a lifelong habit


techWinning the War for Tech Talent

Google has said they look for “learning animals” in hiring. They’re one of the winners in the endless war for the best technology talent. McKinsey this week share some more practical tips for finding, developing and retaining the best tech: constantly rotate your team, rethink how you train them, let them learn from external sources and exposure. If you’re in the market for a tech hire, don’t miss this.

How to win the tech talent battle


robotMachine Learning: How AI is learning to build itself

One way to win the tech talent war is to get machines to do it. And that’s getting closer. MIT report this week that their OpenAI lab (co-founded with Elon Musk and Google) is getting closer to creating AI software that can program other AI. They argue that if machines can learn to learn, it cuts out a lot of the data input that AI needs. Not great news for your tech team perhaps…

How AI is programming AI


gtaLearning from Grand Theft Auto: Driverless Car School

Until machines can learn from themselves, there’s always video games. Those of us in learning know the value of games and simulation as a learning approach. The Next Web reports this week that driverless cars are using Grand Theft Auto to train themselves how to navigate the mean streets. We’re not sure you want to be behind a driverless car with those sort of road manners…

Meet your new driving instructor: GTA

tostRelax: Your Potato Chips Know You’ve Been Drinking

Joining a Superbowl party next weekend? Bring a bag of Tostitos. Not just because you’re a wonderful guest. They can help you get home safely. By blowing into a specially designed bag, you’ll a green light if you haven’t been drinking, or a red one if you’ve had too good a party. And then they’ll tap your phone and call you an Uber. Though as they note, if the evening has reached the stage where you have a whole bag of potato chips in your mouth, you can probably self-diagnose the situation.

Tostitos keep you off the road

Where do we get this stuff? Fair question. From our Anders Pink briefings – come and check them out.