Lifelong Learning to keep Earning, Leaving the Echo Chamber, Bitcoin for President: Your Friday Briefing

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We know Pink Posse, you have a speech to listen to, and a four year plan to work on. But before you get distracted, here’s why you need to keep learning, buy bitcoin, and start being nicer. Of course, we know you’re nice already. We heard it in the mythical echo chamber…

economist coverWhy Continuous Learning is the new Economic Imperative

If you want to keep earning, you have to keep learning. That’s the message behind a special report from The Economist this week. They focus on why lifelong learning is the new imperative for individuals and companies who want to survive in a changing economy. The whole report is worth a read, it shares examples and case studies on companies like Google who look to hire “learning animals”  – people with an appetite for staying smart and curating relevant content.

The Economist on Lifelong learning as an economic imperative


brainLearning New Tricks: What Companies Can Do To Help with Continuous Learning

Staying with The Economist’s special report, with the rise of AI and continued outsourcing to lower cost economies, it’s a challenging time for knowledge workers and their employers. what’s the role of companies in helping employees to reboot, retrain, and stay smart? They look at the role of MOOCs and other forms of continuous learning to help people to stay relevant.

Helping Employees to Retrain and Reboot


echoDon’t Blame The Echo Chamber

Post Trump and Brexit, it’s common to hear the view that echo chambers are to blame if you’re surprised at those outcomes. Lack of diverse news sources and Facebook algorithms keep us insulated from opposing viewpoints. It’s something we’ve written about here. But can we really blame the bubble for what’s happening? The Oxford Internet Institute in this well-argued piece takes a different view. Our chambers are not as sealed as is often argued, they say. We have access to much more diverse sources than people did in the 1930s. We’re now in an age of “chaotic pluralism”. Which is as good and bad as it sounds.

Why The Echo Chamber is a Myth


bitWhy Blockchain Matters More Than The President

Things change today with a new President. But the real revolution is in the emergence of Bitcoin and Blockchain. It’s not just a currency change: “ in time, it could fundamentally alter the relationship between the citizen and the State, not just at home but all over the world.” That’s the argument put forward but the Foundation for Economic Education in this piece. If you need a primer on the new standard for crypto-currency (and who doesn’t) – this is a good place to start.

How Blockchain changes everything


niceNice Guys Finish First: The Best Leaders are Better People

Finally, in case you’re getting the message today that winners need to be the toughest, least likable people for some reason, a glimmer of home from the World Economic Forum: The most effective leaders in business are compassionate people. Empathy turns out to be good for business. Who knew? You did. Because you’re nice. 

Why being Nice is Good for Business

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