Mega-Misconceptions, Trading on Trump’s Tweets, AI’s Greatest Hits of 2016: Your Friday Briefing


Relax Posse. You have a full week before you have no time to shop. You knew that. But this week it turns out you also know very little, according to a man from Sweden. He’s not Anders Pink. We’re not Swedish and we know how smart you are. But you should probably check in with him too…


hrA Longer Read about an amazingly Factful Swede

“Megamisconceptions:” Look for it in the dictionary soon. It’s a term coined by Hans Rosling. He’s spent a lifetime analysing global trends. His work shows how little we really understand about the world (and how dangerous that is when it’s so easy to amplify viewpoints in social media). Ahead of his new book, Factfulness, this article is a great primer on how he thinks, and how to challenge our misconceptions. It includes an 8 question test to see how clued in you are. Sample question: What percent of the world’s homes have electricity? No, we’re not telling you. Do the test.

Three Minutes with Hans Rosling will change your mind


vrVirtual Reality in Training: It’s not for everything, says…VR Training Company

We’ve covered many stories on VR this year. It’s good to close out the year with a note of refreshingly honest reflection from Strivr, one of the biggest companies in VR training: VR is not the answer to every training or performance need. They’d rather not develop VR solutions for things like maths where they won’t add anything, though they know many companies will do it anyway and give VR a bad name. Sounds like the early days of elearning all over again.

Why VR isn’t the answer to every training question


aiArtificial Intelligence: 6 Breakthroughs in 2016

No disputing the fact of AI’s dominance this year. We liked this seasonally appropriate round-up post from Tech Republic. From a Tesla car driving its passenger to hospital to predicting the winner of the Kentucky Derby, there are six AI wonders to marvel at here

The Six most exciting AI advances of 2016

wall-stTrading on Trump’s Tweets: Wall Street’s Latest Algorithm

And one more AI wonder…maybe. Mr Trump’s demonstrated that a Tweet from him criticising Boeing or Lockheed Martin can move the share price. Wall Street is working on an algorithm to interpret his tweets and trade accordingly. We won’t brand it a good or bad bot, it’s just doing what it’s told. Sad!

Wall Street Trading on Trump’s Tweets


fbYour FitBit data doesn’t mean much to Doctors

Finally, in case you have a keep fit plan for Christmas: the fact that you walked 10,000 steps yesterday is incontrovertible, of course – your FitBit told you. But so what? The medical community is looking at all of the big data that fitness wearables generate. But so far, they can’t make any medical recommendations based on it, and some are calling the data meaningless at this stage. Don’t despair – walking is still good for you. But you probably had a sense of that already.

Why wearable data may not really mean much


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