Awkward Bosses, Talky Entrepreneurs, Phone out of Battery: Christmas Party Survival Briefing…


Happy start of the Friday Christmas Party season, pink posse! You know what that means: awkward social encounters with bosses, your phone running out of battery while your Uber driver looks for you, and hilarious banter about how 2016 was simply the best year ever. Or at least some of those. We’ve got you covered in this week’s Anders Pink Party Conversation Kit (Patent pending):

hrHR: This is The Greatest Time to Join the Party!

HR people, we know you love a good social gathering. And for once, you can be centre stage knowing it’s really your party, everyone else is just a guest. So says Dave Ulrich in LinkedIn this week. He argues that these VUCA times (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – like your party) have created the best opportunities for HR to step forward and save the world. One of the new HR talents: human capital curator. We like the sound of it…

Why now’s the time for HR to shine

awkwardAwkward Boss at the Party? Here’s what to do

We all work with people who are socially awkward (well, I work from home, so…insert your own joke). This time of year can exacerbate those awks moments. Harvard Business Review doesn’t want to leave you staring at your shoes at the party (unless it’s a party at Prada). This week they share some helpful tactics for connecting with socially awkward bosses. Initiating a Pokemon Go hunt in the office didn’t make the list.

What to do when your boss is socially awkward

listeningEntrepreneur bending your ear? Make it a listening party

Maybe you’re at a meet-up or mixer with entrepreneurs, all pitching to you between drinks. Sounds great. But instead of talking, it turns out they should be listening. Interesting piece in Quartz this week about how “coachability” is the quality that investors look for the most in entrepreneurs. So start-up founders: less pitching, more learning at the parties this season. More investors will ask you to dance.

Why willingness to learn counts more than start-up business acumen

batteryPhone just died? You need one of these

Why do our phones run out of batteries right when we need to get home from the party, when all we’ve done is spent 6 hours on social media sharing selfies in Christmas jumpers? Alright, maybe we’ll all to blame. But come on science. We’ve been to the moon and suchlike, can we have a better battery now please? Say one that charges in 30 seconds and lasts for a week? Oh, you invented it. Thanks. Need delivery tomorrow. Hurry up.

Here’s the battery you’ll want in your phone next Christmas

hawkingParty Banter running Dry? Time for End of the World Chat?

Lots of people will be talking about the celebrity-political-cluster-mare that was 2016. But you can take the longer view and higher ground. Read this piece from Stephen Hawking. Remind people how technological change is going to cause further discord, inequality and instability. Let them know that 7 million jobs will be lost to automation in the next 5 years. And then ask them about their plans for next year. You’ll certainly make a lasting impact…

Stephen Hawking on Why this is the Scariest Time for All of Us


On that cheery note….have a great weekend. Party and curate your content responsibly – we got ours from

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