Trouble in your Facebook Bubble, Internet in your Overalls, Bots for your Brand: Your Friday Briefing


Ready for the weekend, Pink Posse? Any plans? Whatever you do, don’t go on Facebook. Or actually for balance, do. Don’t forget to connect your work clothes to the internet. And of course don’t spend money in Sweden. Other than that, relax, everything will be ok…

fdBursting the Facebook Bubble: Step into someone else’s feed

Most of us turn to Facebook as a place to learn – or at least find content. 44% of Americans get their news from it.. But you might have heard recently, Facebook has a way of showing you want you want to see. And a lot of what got engagement during the election was fake news. Fake stories got more engagement than real ones. And the more we like and share articles, the more we’re shown more of the same, pushing us further in the bubble of people who agree with us. In the wake of the election, the Guardian conducted an experiment: Take some democrats and republicans, and make them read a feed that’s diametrically opposed to their view point. Can that make you more balanced? It can certainly make you very angry…

Read what happened when reds read a blue feed.

f2It’s not all bad: Facebook makes you live longer…

When you’re not stewing with rage because there’s one article you don’t entirely agree with in your feed, take some solace from this: A new study says that being on Facebook can lengthen your life. Health records in California suggest that people on Facebook there are 12% less likely to die in a given year than those who aren’t. (But seriously, is there anyone in California not on Facebook?) Apparently accepting friend requests has a more positive effect on your lifespan than making requests. So next time you get a request from that friend your cousin sort of knows, remember: they’re just trying to extend your life. Least you can do is accept.

How Facebook might kind of sort of be good for you

….And it’s also really bad for you

Because we’re all about (ahem) a balanced view in your daily feed, here’s a dissenting voice from Denmark. In a trial of 1095 people, 87% of them reported feeling better after quitting Facebook for a week. If that was last week, makes perfect sense. Scandis know how to do the internet right. Which brings us to…


kronaNew Money: Sweden’s dropping going and going digital

To Sweden, where the currency is noiry detective dramas. (No, no it’s not. It’s just the main export). That’s all set to change. Our scandi friends are about to launch the world’s first national digital currency. Notes and coins in circulation have dropped by 40% in Sweden since 2009. So why not just let people charge their cards and issue directly to them? Bitcoin also welcome of course. This isn’t the dark ages. Though right now in Sweden, it is pretty dark most of the time.

Get ready for your eKronas here

overallThe Internet of overalls

Great news: the Internet of Things just made it into your pants. Calm down dear, it’s your work gear. GE Digital prototyped a suit this week for electrical workers which cuts the power from live equipment as you approach it. Safety sewn in, it’s the future. Maybe by Christmas they’ll have one that lets you light up every tree you pass.

How the Industrial Internet of Things will Change your Work Clothes

gfxBot of the week: Let a machine make your logo

Branding agencies of the world: Put that (artisan) coffee down, because you’re not going to like this. Tailor Brands is a startup that uses bots to make logos. Put in your name, a brief, and your logobot is on the case. Are they all good? No. But they’re not all bad either. As the tester in this article says: humans have been paid thousands of dollars to make worse ones.

Here’s how logobot will do the job (and maybe take yours)

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