The Top 25 Sales Blogs: Inspiration and Daily Learning for Sales Teams


We all want to increase sales. Where are the best tips and insights to help us get there? Out there, people, on the blogs. But so many to choose from, and so much to read. And you probably have clients and targets, being in sales and all. So let’s make it easier for you to get the lowdown.

Below is our list of the top 25 sales blogs that we think add the most value to your sales day.

No time to go and check each of them, every day? Neither do we. We have also created a sales briefing so you can see the very latest articles from all these blogs on a single page every morning. You can also subscribe to get a daily email summary.


And to help the cream rise to the top, we’ve found the top performing post in 2016 from each blog using social share count data from BuzzSumo, and curated it into a saved list for you here. Don’t say you don’t have anything to read at the weekends.

Top 25 Sales Blogs


Sales for Life

An active blog on Social Selling best practices and tips from Sales for Life.

Top performing 2016 post: The Death of Cold Calling: 16 stats that prove it (infographic)





Salesforce Quotable

You’d expect a high quality sales blog from Salesforce. And they deliver. Insightful content for sales management and operations as well as sales professionals.

Top performing 2016 post: The 7 Sales Skills that Can’t be Taught






Sales Leadership Blog

As the name suggests, plenty of great content on running and leading a sales team from blog editor Colleen Stanley, including ever-popular video posts.

Top performing 2016 post: Three reasons your elevator pitch isn’t getting you to the top.




Jill Konrath Sales Blog

The enigmatic Jill Konrath holds forth on all things prospecting, productivity and more – again with compelling video posts.

Top performing 2016 post: How to increase sales in 8 seconds



Engage Selling

Another video-driven blog – spot a trend here? Colleen Francis shares her insights in short focused videos.

Top performing 2016 post: How to lose control of the sales process



Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker kindly invites you to get lost. Well, more accurately: “get lost in our library of actionable and engaging content”. You will find good things there.

Top performing 2016 post: How the best sales reps take massive action


Sales Pro Insider

Nancy Bleeke keeps serving up practical tips on all stages of the sales and collaborative consulting process at the Sales Pro Insider blog.

Top performing 2016 post: 8 must-read books for sales leaders



Filling the Funnel

John Barrows trains top salespeople in the world’s leading companies. So you’re going to want to read his blog. Practical tips from the front line. You’ll be better after reading these, trust us (or him).

Top performing 2016 post: I can’t stand this email technique any more

Honorable headline mention: What Happens In Vegas: 11 sales techniques I learned after getting drunk and buying a timeshare
Buzzfeed take note: JB gives good headline. 


Sales Folk

We like the style at Sales Folk’s blog. They’ll take an email they received as prospects or customers, and rip it apart, for your benefit. Take a trip through their Hall of Shame to keep yourself on the email straight and narrow.

Top performing 2016 post: Why I hate people who lie about Dreamforce (about poor cold emails, not knocking the event)




Center for Sales Strategy

Expect well crafted and practical how-to and list posts from this authority on nurturing sales talent.

Top performing 2016 post: How Today’s Superstar Salespeople Sell Differently


Ramp: Insight Squared Blog

Insight Squared is a Forecasting tool, and their blog shares insights on pipeline management, as well as broader articles on metrics, growth and marketing. A good range of podcasts too – handy when you’re on the move between meetings.  No downtime for you, sales tiger.

Top performing 2016 post: Top Saas Metrics of the most Effective Venture Capitalists


Sales Engine

The team at Sales Engine run a broad blog on all using the tools and techniques of selling more effectively.

Top performing 2016 post: The 6 most important lessons learned after sending 1,000,000 cold B2B emails







A Sales Guy

Not just any sales guy. Keenan (The guy) shares a whole wealth of resources to turn you into a (pardon us) “Badass” sales professional.

Top performing 2016 post: 13 must-read books to turn you into a Badass sales person



LinkedIn Sales Solutions

If you’re a sales professional LinkedIn is probably already a go-to resource for social selling. It’s a great blogging platform too, with wide ranging posts on social selling, marketing and more.

Top performing 2016 post: Sales Managers Need Social Selling Champions: Here’s How To Find Yours



Sales Loft

A lively blog that considers the full sales cycle and serves up practical posts from a range of bloggers.

Top performing 2016 post: 3 Sales Development Tools you need to use today



Quota Factory

Longstanding specialists in B2B sales team development, Quota Factory runs the “Sales Wars” blog. May the Force be with your team. It will be if you keep up with their practical tips.

Top performing 2016 post: You Need To Simplify Your Sales Development Introductions 
(Yoda might change the word order but we agree with the idea)


Selling Power

Selling Power runs a popular magazine for sales professionals, and their blog includes highlighted content on sales and productivity.

Top performing 2016 post: Six reasons you should use simulations in your sales training and hiring process
(Good news for the training companies)


Smart Selling Tools

The clue’s in the name: they’re all about driving productivity and results in sales through tools and technology. Keep up with their blog for the latest tools you should use.

Top performing 2016 post: 7 Apps for highly effective B2B salespeople



The Sales Blog

Ian Narino runs The Sales Blog. Did well to get that URL didn’t he? Does what it says: wide range of insightful posts and longer downloadable guides and resources.

Top performing 2016 post: Sales is, was, and always will be about relationships



Sales Handy Blog

The Sales Handy Team share insights on productivity and growth hacking for sales professionals.

Top performing 2016 post: 10 sales tips to increase the productivity of your sales team


HubSpot sales

From the company that invented inbound marketing, a very active sales blog to help both your outbound and inbound approaches.

Top performing 2016 post: Cold Calling Is Dead: 12 New Prospecting Strategies Salespeople Should Use



Brian Tracy Blog

Brian is a top selling author of sales books and publishes a few quality posts each month.

Top performing 2016 post: 26 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire Success


The Sales Hunter Blog

Mark Hunter’s blog is all about sales motivation and consultative selling techniques.

Top performing 2016 post: 10 Daily Habits of Sales Leaders



We love data driven solutions and love this blog about predictive analytics and using data in sales.

Top performing 2016 post: The 5 Use Cases of Predictive Account Based Marketing


If you manage a sales team then this blog is for you. Dave Kurlan shares his tips on recruiting and managing sales teams.

Top performing 2016 post: The 5 Questions That Get Prospects to Buy so You Don’t Have to Sell