3 Steps to Create the Perfect Daily Briefing for You and Your Team


Things change. This is not news. Staying smart is time consuming. Checking multiple news sites, competitor sites, RSS feeds, Slack channels, Twitter lists and blogs all takes time. Ever lost a morning checking multiple sites, and feel more stressed and no smarter by lunchtime? Too much content, too little time – and the good stuff can get lost in the noise.

What we need is a single briefing that keeps us updated and leverages the knowledge of our team or our network. In this article I will take you through how you can use the Anders Pink app to:

  • ensure you and your team stay smarter than the competition
  • create sophisticated custom briefings that filter what you need to know from the millions of articles published today
  • leverage the knowledge of your team to save time and stay smart

You’re three steps from staying on top of any topic – let’s get started!

1. Create your free AP account and team

If you are not an AP subscriber just visit the site and sign up. It’s all free in beta. Once signed up upgrade to Pro and create a team.

Once your team is set up simply invite your colleagues to join your team via email or share a link. It only takes a few minutes. You then have a team platform for curating, sharing and discussing the latest content available on any device from desktops to smartphones.

2. Create custom briefings for your team

Anders Pink has thousands of existing public briefings on topics from economic trends to startup tips to the latest articles on nanotechnology. You can subscribe to the briefings that are most relevant for your team. The real power though is when you create a briefing specifically for your team on what matters to you. For example you might benefit from briefings on:

  • the latest content published by your top 5 competitors
  • the latest articles shared by your top 10 industry influencers
  • the latest content on your specific industry topics such as trends, forecasts, market updates
  • the latest content about your customers and prospects

You don’t have to go to multiple sites to find this information any more. The real power of Anders Pink is the advanced briefing. Just click Create New Briefing. You can use a wide range of filters and sources to create your custom briefing as shown below. I will now take you through how you can use these sources and filters to create the perfect briefings for your team.


Start with Simple Keywords

We crawl millions of sites each day. Your first option is to filter these articles by the keywords used in article titles. You can use multiple keywords and phrases, for example ‘elearning, ‘digital learning’ ‘virtual reality’ etc., to catch all the articles you are interested in. This will capture all articles which contain your keywords, which we then filter by recency and sharecount on social media. That will give you a great first cut, but we can do even more. We will cover below how to also add further content from specific domains, RSS feeds etc.

Refine with Additional Keywords

If you add phrases as your keywords eg ‘digital learning’, the AP app will search for this specific phrase in the title. If you don’t necessarily want the exact phrase but want say titles that have both learning and digital but not together then you can use the additional keywords.

Additional keywords are words which you want to be included in the article title. Thus if your main keyword is ‘learning’ and your additional word is ‘digital’, the app will return articles with both two words in the tile. If it doesn’t have digital in it, you won’t see it. Less is better when you want a narrow, refined search.

You can use this in powerful ways to find say practical content such as elearning articles on tips, how to or guides. We’ve put together lists of words on practical content, news and trends to include.

You can also exclude words, thus if you do not want to see articles about say webinars or conferences you can exclude them. Again we’ve got a quick list for that.

You can use these keyword filters to build a powerful custom briefing. See the example below:


Add Content Shared by Key Influencers

Keywords are just the start. In AP Pro you can also add content that is shared by influencers on Twitter.
We automatically suggest influential people in your topic area. So it’s easy to add influencers. But you can add anyone you want. Just add their Twitter handle. We will pull in for you the articles they share.

Do you want to see everything an influencer shares? Or just when they share content that mentions your chosen topic? We give you that control – you can add all the content they share to your briefing or only content that matches your specific keywords. So if you’re making an economics briefing, and one of your economics experts shares a photo of their cat, it doesn’t clutter things up – unless you want it to.
So if you want to see all the content being shared by the top 5 influencers in your field, just add them to a briefing.


Add Content Published by Domains/Websites

You can also add to your briefing new articles published by specific domains or websites. Just go the domain section and add the relevant domains. You can also decide if you want to add all the content they publish or only the content that matches your specific keywords.
So if you want to see all the content being published by your competitors, just add their domains to a competitor briefing. You have complete control.


If you have set up keywords for say leadership but you don’t want to see articles from sports sites or articles on political leadership you could decide to just see content only from specific domains. Just add the domains you want to whitelist such as Harvard Business Review and tick ‘Only show articles from these domains’. This can be great for giving you a really refined briefing, say from your top 5 go-to sites, and nothing else, all in one place.

Content from RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be a useful way to add content to your briefing. With Anders Pink you can add multiple RSS feeds to your briefings. The downside of RSS feeds is the publisher decides what appears in the feed. You can’t control it. But with the AP app you can. You can filter content from an RSS feeds by your keywords. So if you only want to see articles from the feed about say trends or tips or specific topics just add these to your keywords and then tick ‘show articles filtered by keywords’. So now you’ll see content from your RSS feeds or collections, but only on specific keywords that matter to you. Your RSS feeds just got personal.

There is no longer a need to use separate RSS readers or go to different places to monitor feeds. You can bring all your feeds into your AP briefings and combine them with keyword filters and content published by domains. You can also filter RSS feeds by keywords.


Block Domains

You can also block domains if you don’t want to see their content. Thus if you don’t want to see content from say YouTube or a job site, just block the domain.

Create Multiple Briefings

You can create multiple briefings, for example, one on competitors and another on clients or another on industry trends. Once the briefings are set up they will be updated by us every few hours. Thus spend a little time setting them up and they will keep your team briefed every day. You can also edit the briefings at any time.

3. Leverage the power of your team

With the best will in the world you do not have the time to read everything. Also if one of your team has read the article already wouldn’t it be useful to know if they felt it was worth reading or not? We’re smarter when we work together to scan content, share what matters, and make sense of it with our thoughts and comments.

With AP you can leverage the power of your team.

Any team member can inform their colleagues about insightful articles simply by upvoting content. They can also flag an article as a ‘must read’ item which will instantly send a notification to everyone in their team. They can further flag articles to specific team members by mentioning them.

The team can also comment on articles and exchange views to stay smarter together.

Team dashboard

The AP Team Dashboard brings together all the important articles from across all your team briefings into a single feed. Our algorithm looks at data such as your team upvotes, social shares etc., and highlights the most relevant and recent content. Your team can also receive these articles in a daily email, so they are constantly up to date.

The dashboard shows all recent activity across your team including the most read articles recently, so you’re always on top of things.


The more your team engages with content, the more the app learns and can provide relevant content to the team. The Dashboard becomes more powerful over time.

Get started now!

In further posts I will show how the AP app allows you to also build a powerful knowledge base of content for your team by creating and saving content to pinboards; and how you can also use AP’s analytics. The detailed analytics allow you to see for each team member how many articles they view and open; and how much they contribute to team insights by upvoting, flagging and commenting on articles.

There’s too much content and too little time. But there are ways we can get back on top of it with powerful custom briefings and the power of your team.

So what have you been missing? Why not try AP for free now?